Best plastic throw?

Not including delrins, weight rings are fine, don’t care about the price.

Grind King, if you don’t mind Teflon.

I watched the video of that thing grinding. That was ridiculous


The speedoholic. For 13 bucks u can’t go wrong it’s amazing

Classic. By far.
With the Speedholic not far behind.

For even better play
Yeti or rally. Yeti for a more relaxed fun play. Rally for faster more competition feeling play.

NorthStar is just timeless. And one of the best yoyos ever made imo

YYF said they were going to keep it in production. Wonder if they’ll keep their promise. I’d buy 2 or 3.

And colored Yetis are the best I’ve ever played with a black Yeti and Rally at a near tie.

The Shaqlerstar is pretty much a Northstar.

Too add to this post, I completely agree with azn. He pretty much summed up plastics in the same way I would. This is excluding the yeti (I have yet to buy one).

Regardless of op, I would like to add that the crazy d and the v are in my opinion the best plastics out there. I bought 2 crazy d’s because I’m a sucker for glow in the dark.

Thankyou Mr.Salty :wink:
And I have yet to try those 2!
Hopefully I can scrape one out of the BST sometime.

Classic for the price, + bearing and new silicone It is beast! Not to mention how so moth they are for a plastic. I have metals more vibey than that plastic!

Um my favorites are the rally an counter attack. Although for the money it’s hard to beat the classic