Best plastics? (may need to be moved)


Best plastics in your opinion?

i will start


Whats yours?




Crazy D


lol that none of the 3 in t op are accually good


But they were good… Didn’t care for the spacers. But that’s opinion, they played good.

The protostar began a “death to metal” campaign that was actually a great way to push a competitive plastic for a great price.

(major_seventh) #6

Diffusion 2

(Owen) #7

I hate the say it because I hate being “that guy” but the Yeti is easily the best plastic return-top/yo-yo that I have ever used.


superb plastic.


Classic still is my favorite


I’m quite fond of the C3 Alpha Crash. It’s a fun player. The Rally is a great yoyo. Really, really impressive. I’ve never tried a Yeti, but have read good things about it, of course. One can’t go wrong with a YYJ Classic either.


diffusion 2 is my current favorite, haven’t had the chance to try a yeti yet.




Maybe we should break this down into under $20 and over $20 ranges?

Also, can you still get Yeti’s?
I can’t find anywhere that sells them.