Best Plastic


So I’ve seen many posts on plastics within certain price ranges, but I am looking for the best.

What is the absolute best plastic yoyo on the market today regardless of price?

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I would say the clyw yeti but they r discontinued so u might not be able to get your hands on one


From everything I’ve tried so far, I’d say the Crazy-D, this thing is absolutely awesome

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Honestly just get a Protostar.

If you can afford delrin, a crazy-d or a Severe is great.

Wait, what am I saying……



My personal opinion would be the Crazy D for production

S.kon made some truly amazing plastic yoyos but they’re impossible to get

I’ve heard the albino leviathan is amazing as well for a production yoyo but haven’t tried it myself



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thanks for the link. Sorry for the misinformation


Listen to the guy that says just get a protostar. It’s not the “best” but it’s really really really good and does everything you want it to and more.


Of what I’ve tried so far, the YYF Severe is a super fun plastic. But i’ve heard that the OD Rally is the best from other people.


Yeti is definitely the best in my opinion, Protostar is pretty good too. If you are looking for a good budget plastic then go with the Rally.


Three way tie between the Protostar, Rally and Severe for me. An upgraded YYJ Classic is also ridiculously good.



Go with a YYF Hubstack
or the lil higher end yos


Rally. It is an extremely great throw and plays just as good, or even better then some of the higher end metal throws out there. I haven’t been disappointed with it yet.


Yeahh im loving my yeti
it just feels awsome ln the string n it feels lighter then other yos
i just ordered my first rally
I hope its the shizznet. Lol


It’s not the best one on the market but it is amazing its the Duncan flip-side it had a really great spin time and its only $20


The rally is also amazing

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Plastics I used most are cheap, light and fun. In this class Whip and YYJ Classic are best.

But best plastic overall, I must say new version of Yoyorecreation Diffusion)based on my experience with prototype) and One Drop Rally.


Why has no one mentioned the sOMEThING Addiction? Amazing, competition worthy.


hmm what is the price range?



I must say it’s awesome, but I still prefer the Crazy-D