Best all plastic yoyo?

I’m interested to see what you think.

I like the Classic, Onestar, and Diffusion.

:notes:I’m way up, I feel blessed​:notes:

IMO, the best all-plastic yoyo that I’ve played is the Yeti, by far.

However, of the ones you’ve mentioned, I’m going to have to go with the Diffusion 2. Great yoyo. :slight_smile:

Anyone who picks replay pro over diffusion obviously has never played a diffusion… -.-

The replay pro my brother got had serious vibe, and i didn’t like it all that much. Did anyone else get one that had vibe?

My Replay Pro vibes too. Of course it will… it’s a $16 plastic you. It still plays wellama.

Sorry I didn’t include the Yeti. It only allowed 5 options and to be honest I forgot about it anyway.

You forgot to put FHZ on there. You know it’s good!

Diffusion 2 but the gargantuan is coming soon so that might change.

My replay pro doesn’t vibe for me really. Mines smooth and spins great. But I also love the YETI.

Favorite is the Crazy D.

Zenith, without a doubt.

Actually, I really really like the Zenith too.

I didn’t make this clear but I was only including molded plastic yoyos.

^^ then I’d lean towards an upgraded Classic. I think they’re awesome. Speedaholic in particular, is a yoyo that I couldn’t enjoy (nothing wrong with it, just nothing that worked for my tastes).

Hmm I think I’d go with a yeti

All of the above in my opinion are inferior to the Severe and Crazy D :smiley: I have thrown all of them.

Golyat, this thing is insane.