Good Plastic?

Hey guys I’m looking for a good plastic that is preferably under $55. An full plastic please, no weight rings. (I already have the replay pro.)

Rebellion Golyat. Talked to Eric Koloski about it at SEC. Definitely one of the best on the market


Yeti :stuck_out_tongue:

Plastic dream might be good (on YYF’s Instagram a few days ago)

I’m getting a golyat in the mail today and I’ll tell you guys how it plays, it’s 47$.

What about a yyf regen?

My favorite plastic. Ever…

Mine too.

The Diffusion and the Premiere are both good plastic throws. I have a marble Onestar with a centertrak bearing in it that I actually really enjoy. I use it more than my replay pro now.

I have a lot of plastic throws and the Diffusion is far and away the best in my collection.

What about the yicheng luo White Hole? seems like a good yoyo and anyways, I want another yoyo that can fingerspin.

Kadabrium speaks pretty highly of it, and he knows his yoyos.

About the diffusion and premiere, which one do you guys like more and why? And what do they play like? (solid,floaty,fast,slow .etc)

Premiere pales in comparison with the Diffusion 2.

Diffusion2 and the plastic version of the Titanium Dream (this one is oversized, though).