plastic throws

I might buy a plastic yoyo and and know there is a couple but i just want to know if there is more, can someone give some names of high end plastic throws ??? i do like the rally and the protostar

check out yoyo expert! its a cool website that sells all sorts of nice plastic yoyos.

oh wait you’re already on yoyo expert! lucky!

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The best plastic I have played would be the NY edition Crazy-D or yeti!!!

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I like my Rally much more than the Protostar/Northstar. The surface is machined and it doesn’t feel like a cheap plastic throw. For an inexpensive option go for a YYJ Classic.

Rally. Addiction is awesome too. And for cheaper classic or onestar

cool! mind telling me where i can pick up a yeti mr helpful?

this thread is nonsensical, thus my answer. OP said there are a couple plastic yoyos, when in reality there are HUNDREDS. on any other forum this thread would just be deleted…

the yoyorec diffusion is also a very nice plastic

For a cheap (but amazing) plastic, the surge and speedaholic are perfect choices. Then we have the protostar and the north star if you don’t mind loud noise and spacers that are nearly impossible to take off. Then we have the rally and yeti. I’m just gonna say that the rally is one BEAST. It spins for quite a while and you can FEEL the quality of it in each throw. As for the yeti I have no idea (I’ve never tried one) but hype suggests that the yeti is the most distinctive one for its feel and material.

Diffusion or Rally. It takes a special type of thrower to really appreciate a Yeti, since it isn’t 100% performance that makes it good.

The REGEN would be my suggestion, but I’m not sure if it will get a full release.

Thanks guys ! I dindt know there where that much plastic that were for serious yoyoing, all i knew was the rally, yeti, proto, shakelstar and northstar

Only plastic you need to know about: YYR New Diffusion.

Want metal/plastic? - YYR Triad.

yeti’s pop up on the BST more then twice a month. Get on the BST be patient offer on one. mordo613 has one for sale 70$.

Helpful enough? Whats nonsensical about it it’s a simple question. Answer it. Most of our mothers have taught us this at a young age but sense you seem to of missed the lesson I will teach you. If you don’t have something nice/helpful to say don’t open your trap.

well thats how my mom put it anyways. She liked to get to the point ;D

This is why YYE is so amazing it’s different then other forums. People actually care enough to help each other rather then deleting a thread and forgetting about it. What may not make sense to you makes perfect sense to others.