Best plastic throw

Buying a few yoyos and want to get a plastic for when I’m out and about…suggestions

Honestly the Replay Pro is great. Similar to a Yeti in my opinion.

Diffusion 2 is one of the best as well, but more prone to cracking it seems, especially around the hub.
(I’ve seen about 3 Diffusion 2’s that have cracked hubs.)

The Replay Pro and Big Dipper are great.

So I haven’t tried any high end plastic yoyos but out of the ones I’ve tried (whip, technos, replay pro, North Star, speedaholic, psg, gm, classic, one star, others?), my personal favorite is the technos. I don’t think you can buy them on here anymore soooo my personal tie for second favorite would be whip and replay pro.

The Diffusion 2 is probably the best all-plastic throw, and the new Triad is definitely the best hybrid throw if you’re looking for more performance.

I have been wanting to get the newer triad for a while but I really only want it in that smoky black color… Can’t seem to find one :frowning:

Here is a well done review of several different highly acclaimed plastics:
I personally would not recommend the Big Dipper. Objectively it’s very good but it feels heavy, clunky, and uncomfortable. Sure it plays like an aluminum yoyo, but if I just wanted something that played like aluminum I would get the MYY N12, an actual aluminum yoyo that plays a bit objectively better and is much cheaper.

Since you said you want it for out and about, I’m thinking you want one cheap enough to not worry about it too much. For that reason I think the Replay Pro is the way to go. Of course, we all seem to be assuming you want unresponsive…

Replay pro is outstanding for the price. Good solid feel.

I ordered the replay pro. I will try and get the new plastic Onedrop when it’s released.

Thanks for the input

I think the best option for an out and about plastic is the YYJ Classic with silicone pads and a C bearing tossed in. It’s cheap, smooth, durable, and plays great. The Replay Pro is fine enough too, though. If you start itching for a more top end plastic you should take a look at the upcoming Cabal from One Drop like you mentioned. Diffusion and Premiere are great options. Also the Zeekio Zenith and the Flare which has metal weight rings both play superbly.


I love the One Drop Cabal, as Well as the YoYoFactory Replay Pro. The best two plastic yoyos to me.