Good Plastic YoYo

Hey Guys!
So I’ve been yoyoing for about 6 years and I can tell Im not talented at this but I still love yoyoing, so im in the market for a good advanced plastic yoyo that i can take around anywhere and wont worry to much about. The thing is I own the PSG and that didn’t really do it (those response pads just dont grab enough for me) and the only other yoyo I can think of is the Yeti and thats not easy to get your hands on if you as involved as you are in the yoyo community as i am rn. So if you guys have any recommendations, comments, gifts, PMs, DMs, cash, or just anything you want to send me please just comment below and help a brother out!
Thanks guys :-* :stuck_out_tongue:

New Diffusion, Rally, Crazy D, Upgraded Classic, etc.

I’d recommend the rally or crazy D.
If you want a budget pocket thrasher a yyf hubstack and a CTX bearing plays pretty well. Plus its light up, and you cant go wrong with light up right? Lol.

Rally would be #1 for me, I’m also loving the delrin Severe right now.

k Cool thanks dude

::slight_smile: You right

Sweet thanks

I honestly completly forgot about the rally thanks

The Aurora Borealis NorthStar is lovely.

I’ve heard that the new diffusion completely blows other plastics out of the water.

Yyf whip is a nice simple beater. Cheap so you don’t have to worry about it

Yoyojam classic

Yes or this when they get re;eased.,77520.0.html

A Rally would be good to but thats a pretty nice plastic and I would be worried about scratching that thing.