New plastic yoyo

Hi everyone,
I’m just looking for a new plastic yoyo that is stable. That’s really all I’m looking for. I was looking at the Trigger, the XLR8, the Rally, the Yeti, the V and the Crazy-D. What do you think would be a good choice? I am open to other suggestions. Also, how would this yoyo compare to the Yoyofactory Shutter?

Pretty much forget everything but

The yeti

Shutter is the best choice, but for a plastic it depends-

Rally- Smooth, Code 2 (Ish) shape, no YYF spacers. Side Effect related axle system.


Some have small vibe. Chief shape-Wide and big- YYF spacers. 2 nut axle system.

I have tried a Yeti. And they feel and play like a metal.

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I have NOT played any of these plastics but from what I heard the Rally is a really really great throw, I’ve heard from Multiple people it plays better then the Yeti but I do not no that for a fact. The Crazy D and The V look very solid throws as well.

I would choose the Rally if I were you and that’s coming from a CLYW fan.

Try a protostar :wink: it’s my favorite, excluding the rally (it gets it’s own category)

Have you thrown any of the yoyos he listed because that’s a very ignorant statement. I’ve owned a rally, crazy d, v, and trigger. I also got to throw the yeti and xlr8 at nationals. I absolutely hated the rims on the trigger. The V was ok but not exactly my thing. The rally is an excellent yoyo but it was nothing special to me. Just a straight up performance throw. The yeti on the otherhand was lots of fun but I’d be more comfortable with it at $30. The xlr8 was a completely unique feel but a little thin for me. The crazy-d is my favorite of all the yoyos listed. It’s very unique in shape, fast, smooth and stable. The crazy d and rally are the smoothest of the throws but that’s of course because they’re machined. Also the crazy d is machined delrin so the plastic just has a better feel to it.

Now as for the shutter that’s a whole different monster. It’s a really excellent throw all around and would probly meet all your needs and is cheaper than the crazy d. If you wanted a metal over a plastic I’d choose this.

Just because the crazy d isn’t hyped as much as the yeti, rally or shutter because they don’t have a company like one drop, or clyw to promote them on the boards or just a recognized brand like yyf doesn’t mean it’s not as good if not better.

How is the Shutter better than the Crazy-D, as in is it faster, more stable, etc.? Also, how does the Shutter compare to the Equilateral?

I’d really say it’s better in the price department. It’ll most likely hold up better in the end in terms of smoothness. Although my crazy d is smooth now and I heard they corrected the caps issue my V has gotten a pretty bad amount of vibe. I’ve even gone about unscrewing my crazy d a good amount of times by now but until I’ve owned it for a couple months I won’t know for sure. I personally don’t mind it but I know it tends to annoy some other people. I only got to throw the shutter at nats and for a very short amount of time so I can’t give a completely honest opinion about that yoyo.

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