Shutter vs Rally


In your opinion which one is better the Shutter or Rally? Please explain why


I’d pick Shutter over Rally.

Although I myself hate the Shutter’s shape(its too curvy for my liking, looks like a sissy yoyo), the Rally doesn’t feel stable. This is comparitive to the other ‘high’ plastic yoyo I have, the Northstar. In fact I like my Speedaholic way more over the Rally. I’m not saying the Rally sucks compared to a $12 yoyo, the Speedholic just feels waaay better than the Rally for me.

The Rally is, however, definitely way more smoother and it can tuned easily to have no vibe at all! In fact I rarely tune mine and my throws are just spot on. For a plastic, that is magic. Furthermore you can grind. You can’t grind as long as a blasted metal but its more like a ‘just-grindable’ surface because it tilts after a few seconds of finger grinding rather than JUST slowing down. But I absolutely love the response pads! You can achieve effortless binds(unlike white YYF pads) and it feels better for regens. All in all its just an okay yoyo from what I’ve gained over the 3 weeks I’ve had it for. Since I’m studying overseas and don’t have my other yoyos with me, I only have this to play with and I would definitely choose the yoyos I have at home over this.

Just another perspective apart from super hypey one-sentence posts.


Really it just comes down to whether you want plastic or metal. Both perform extremely well and will meet all expectations.


I have both, and throw them both regularly. Like Sparhawk said, it’s just plastic vs metal.

Though my white rally is way prettier than my shutter. =)



But boy do those white Rallies mark easily on the matte finish. I don’t see them staying pretty for long…


Sad but true. :frowning:


There’s a big difference in play between them. In personal experience, I find the Rally to feel very light, generally quick, and easy to maneuver. I find the shutter to feel heavy and slower in comparison. The Shutter is generally a very stable yoyo as well. I have the all silver Shutter and it’s pretty slick looking, especially with some bright string. I have a clear rally and it just looks amazing in a totally different way. I can’t comment on horizontal, but am under the impression that the shutter is designed with that in mind and has features oriented toward that style of play. Personally, I enjoy the Rally more, but the Shutter is more stable and has that wide open shape, so I like it for dinking around and trying new tricks.


Both are around the same price, but it depends what you like, metal or plastic