OD rally or yyf shutter


Hey guys I’m looking to get a yoyo and I’m kinda debating on a rally or shutter

So help me out what do you think is better


Do you want metal or plastic?

They’re both excellent throws so that’s really the only thing you need to ask yourself


Agreed. That’s definitely the first question you need to ask yourself. Both are really nice throws and both play really really well. Both are budget friendly, play really smooth, and have long spin times.

You really can’t go wrong with either. I personally have both and love them. They each have their own unique feel in play, but are both great for learning at the beginner stage, or for knocking out longer combos if your more advanced.

Keep us updated w8th more questions or with what you decide to get!


Thanks guys this really helped but I think I’m gonna go with the rally mainly because I like the shape
Thanks again


Which is faster tho


Rally is faster in my opinion