rally, shutter, prostar?

looking into getting a new throw I have been looking at these, I like there overall design and gap space. ive looked at more in about the same price range but nothing really stuck out to me like these, opions please

Well are you a beginner-intermediate (Is this your first or second throw) or are you more advanced?

If you are in the first category the rally and the protostar are your best options.
If your in the second category the rally or the shutter would be your best option.

Or you can wait for the expected release of the CLYW Yeti.

Also the One Drop 54, Burnside, or Cafe racer would be good all around metal throws I would recommend.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

intermdient, and it will be my third throw, my first was surge second popstar (don’t really like) how much is the yeti going to cost tho? will it be resionable or outragous

What do you like in a throw? Do you like a faster yoyo or a more relaxed yoyo? I have a protostar and rally but I have not tried the Shutter, but I’ll give you my thoughts.

Shutter: I have not tried this throw. However, this should be a great throw. Many people have said it plays much better than $45. Should be pretty stable. The Shutter’s not great for grinding though. Its good at fingerspins, but it shouldn’t be too great at other grinds, except MAYBE thumb grind. I’ve heard the Shutter is on the faster side, but not super fast, which suits Gentry’s play style.

Rally: Amazing throw! Definitely worth more than $45, and better than some of One Drop’s more expensive metal throws IMO. It definitely plays better at $45. But it’s affordable because it’s made of plastic, but it without a doubt plays better than $45. The Rally, IMO, is the best plastic out there right now. It beats out the Protostar, Delrin Severe, and other top notch plastics. Great stability. The catch zone of the Rally is marbelized, so you can do some pretty decent grinds with it. The hub or cup of the Rally is not marbelized however. You can still fingerspin though, but it’s not amazing at it. There’s a little gap in the cup of the yoyo between the yoyo itself and the weight ring that works like an IGR so thumb grinds are pretty easy to do. The Rally is on the faster side, but not super fast, I assume the Shutter is at about the same speed.

Protostar: Although the Protostar is great for the price, I don’t think it can compete with the Rally and Shutter. The Protostar should be the fastest of the 3 though, so if you like that, it might fit your preferences more. It’s very much noticeably faster than the Rally. The Protostar isn’t as stable as the Rally though. Also, the Protostar can not finger or arm grind whatsoever. And it can’t really do fingerspins. You can do thumb grinds though. I personally don’t think the Protostar compares to the Shutter and Rally, so I think you should be focusing on those two. No hate on the Protostar though, it’s a great throw for the price, but I just think the Shutter and Rally are a step above the Protostar.

All 3 should be superior at horizontal as well if you like that. So that’s just my thoughts on the 3. And as for the Yeti, I wouldn’t bother too much with it. I’ve heard multiple people say the Rally outperforms the Yeti, so I’d focus on the Rally and Shutter. The Yeti is a slower, more relaxed yoyo though so unless you like that, I wouldn’t focus too much on it.

My vote is for shutter! IMO it is much better than the protostar. I haven’t tried the rally yet.

thanks for the input, i have been thinking on the rally real hard, the prb i have with my surge is that i am getting into more complicated string tricks and the gap isn’t wide enuf i don’t want to bother shimming it id rather invest in another and stick to it and contuine to learn.

I own all three and all of them are great throws. The Rally feels like a work of art and can play just as good as a metal IMO, the shutter is a great metal yoyo for the price and it being your first full sized metal is good to get you going, and the protostar is a long standing staple in plastics being that is been out for a long time and is still going strong…its solid…plays well…tiny vibe ( at least in mine from one of the first ones that came out a few years ago …not sure on this new updated one) either one you get its going to play well… remember at the end of the day its the yoyoer that makes to yoyo good soo lots of practice and happy throwing

I own all three, and recommend the Shutter out of the bunch. Smooth, stable, looks great, great comfortable shape, great value for a metal, color options, and you will soon have finish options, as the blasted version will be available any day now, for those who like grinds. 8)