Rally, Yeti, Or ProtoStar?

Hey guys, I know this question has been asked 100 times but I just want some clarification and some clear cut answers.

So the question is which is best, rally, yeti, or ProtoStar?

The reason I ask, is because when the rally and yeti first came out, they were compared side by side non stop. and Majority of reviews said the Rally was better than the yeti.

I understand that the original black yetis had problems. (The spacers, the vibe, etc) so I feel like its not doing the yeti justice to compared the black ones to the rally. Especially since I have heard that the newer colored yetis outplay the black ones and are far superior in terms of quality. Like how the spacer problem has been fixed and the inside has been sanded down a bit to prevent string wear. So now that the colored newer yetis are out, how to they compare to the rally?

I threw the ProtoStar in there because according to YYF, it seems to be their best plastic. Plus it features a weight ring like the rally. Also, I am a huge YYF fan so Im curious to see how it compares

Thank you!!11111

Not sure you’ll get a great deal of helpful info, as they are all highly ranked yoyos - in other words, you will do great on any of them, and personal taste is likely be the main factor.

I haven’t thrown a Yeti, but own a Rally and Protostar. Both are great. You’ll just have to go by the photos and decide yourself. When it comes to personal preferences in a yoyo, don’t let anyone sway you.

Ok, so I own a rally and a protostar. Both are outstanding yoyos. But I like the rally better. It is a lot smoother than the protostar. It grinds much better, and I believe it spins longer and is more stable. I have not tried a yeti, but I hear that it is slower and it designed for a bit slower play. So, rally vs protostar. The rally wins. Rally vs yeti. I can’t say because I haven’t tried a yeti, but i believe that I would prefer the rally. So I would go for the rally. Hope this helps!

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Thats what I have heard. That the yeti is a slower, fuller version of the chief. The rally looks super promising and I really want to try one. But my addiction to yoyofactory is making me sway to the ProtoStar. hahahah I want both! I have a OneStar now. I wonder how the Proto compares to the OneStar…

But I would probabaly choose the rally over the protostar

My original black Yeti is flawless. No spacer issues, smooth as glass. Best plastic ever. Out performs 99% of my other throws and definitely destroys the Protostar. My first run, green Rally is boring and bland. My clear Rally is wonderful and really plays extremely differently from my green Rally but I still play my Yeti more than any other throw over the past 4 months.

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Go with the rally. Seems like the yetis are hit or miss, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the rally. The rally definitely outperforms the protostar.

I see how the Yeti’s can be a hit or miss. Some people say their yeti is flawless and others say they are sub par. Thats why I do not want to use the black yeti’s as comparison because its not fair to the yeti. I wish the colored ones were out so I could get a better review.

And I have heard of the Rally’s becoming “boring” after weeks of play. And I am hoping if I pick either the rally or Yeti that I will not get bored with it.

So the Protostar now seems to be out of the question.

So either A clear rally, or A grey yeti when CLYW drops them in December…

In what way(s) does the Rally “definitely outperform” the Protostar? The only thing I can see the Rally better for is grinds, because of the finish. I think the Protostar is a far better value than the Rally and honestly; almost anything is a better value than the Yeti.

I like the Rally and the Protostar EQUALLY - but for different reasons.

You would probably be best served to buy/try both, and keep the one you prefer.

Great thing about opinions, everyone is allowed to have one without having to justify it to you.

I have played the Rally and the Yeti. Both are great yoyos and are completely different. The problem you are going to have with this thread is that you asked which is better and it is all conjecture. I love both but for me the Rally edges out the Yeti. It fits my preferences a little more and comes in clear, which is a plus for me. That being said I fully plan on buying a new Yeti once the color ones come out, I am just not a fan of black yoyos in general, I want colorful throws.

But, isn’t that what an opinion is?

Ok maybe I should say that I THINK that the rally outperforms the protostar.

I have a Rally and a Protostar. It took me forever to get the Protostar smooth, the Rally was smooth out of the box. Both are great values and great yoyos. I like my Protostar a little better.

All opinions now must be run by you first? Um, no.

He can say what he wants, whether you agree with it or not is up to you.

So im guessing you prefer the ProtoStar over the Rally?

And can you clarify what you mean by “almost anything is a better value than the yeti”?

The key word here is “value”. All of the yo-yo’s mentioned are very good, capable throws.

I think that the Rally and the Protostar play very much alike.

YYF Protostar: $34.99
OneDrop Rally: $45.00 + $8 for replacement bearing = $53.00

Regardless of which you prefer, if you are going to spend $80; there are much better choices than a plastic from CLYW. It is, by definition, a poor value when you could buy two Protostars and still have $10 left over; for the price of a Yeti.

Sorry, I am not sure I am understanding this …at all.

Well it is obvious someone has not done their homework. The $80 Yetis were limited tester units to check the colors and sold at a higher price because of that. The normal run Yetis that were sold in store at YYE were $40, I know because I bought one. Chris has said that colored ones will be slightly higher than the black ones but I doubt they will be $80s high. So, doing the math I see that the Yeti fits squarely between the Protostar and the Rally. On a side note, a new bearing is not needed. That is purely YOUR opinion. It is completely playable with the stock bearing, again I own two and know from personal experience.

I say that people can have an opinion without having to justify them to you. You say otherwise and state “But, isn’t that what an opinion is?” No an opinion is someone’s personal view. There is no where in the definition that states all opinions must be justified in order to be stated. It is one’s own personal view. When an opinion is expressed you have two options, accept or reject it. You can even substitute your own but no one has to justify their opinion to you.

I think you should chose the yeti or protostar :wink: