Just got back from Club and I can finally say this :)

Rally > Yeti

I owned a rally since they dropped and its easily my favorite plastic out right now. As you most all know I’m not a huge fan of CLYW and finally got to play a yeti at yoyo club. Let’s just say everyone there also agreed that the rally > yeti…even the Yeti owner haha. Yeti isn’t horrible and plays decently well but the Rally beats it in every way IMO. The rally is smoother, better quality (at least in my opinion), better play, better grinds and overall just better haha :slight_smile: Not a Review but just my impressions. Yeti was good but I would rather spend my money on a Rally any day.

P.S: OD please make Purple Rallies :slight_smile:


I now own one of each of these, and so in my opinion (adopting your terminology):
Perceptor/Exceed > Yeti > Rally.

The Perceptor is stupidly cool for fifty odd bucks :smiley:

I second a purple rally!!! With green aluminum!!!

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I would put delrin and polycarbonate into a completely different category :slight_smile:

Wow the Perceptor looks really cool. Any why put them in different categories? All are plastic and in the same weight range.

Sure they are both plastics but i’m sure many would consider delrin and polycarb to be in different categories. Delrins are machined while polycarbs are mold injected. Plus I feel delrin can be made most closely to metals where as polycarb yoyos truly play like plastic.

True but I would group them together purely on cost. If derlin is really close to metal the price should reflect that, and it does. However the Rally and Yeti are both polycarbonates that are in the delrin price range. I personally think that it is fair to compare them to comparatively priced delrins, because if they are going to be priced the same they should be able to uphold the same level of performance.

Delrins use to be priced relatively high when they were first coming around. I remember when some delrins were $80 when released and not sure how they got so low but probably with people complaining about a type of plastic being close to prices of metals. I agree they are around the same prices and somewhat similar in performance but they are still very much different. I guess it could be seen from both sides.

For me these are how I split it up:
Standard plastics
High end plastics (rally, yeti, protostar. Basically anything $35 up but still polycarbonate)
Hybrids (plastic and metal…but these are what I consider with actual rims of metal such as YYJs)
Aluminum YoYos
Exotic metals (titanium, magnesium, etc.)


I Actually Like them both equally, depending how I feel that day :slight_smile:
The Yeti is slower and more chill/floaty, and Probably more durable.
But the Rally is nice and fast, and really nice and solid. I’ve seen this crack :confused:

But I love them both, and want multiples of both.

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Yeah it seems like if the rings expand they can crack it :frowning:

So don’t leave in a car when its 100 degrees outside? Or leave in a car when its below freezing?

I was at the club meeting with yomagic. I played both. I am an admitted CLYW fan.

The Rally killed the Yeti.

The rally is partially machine along with it’s bearing seat being machined so it’s relatively close to a delrin in that aspect

This is also why I feel like the rally is a better value at the price and much better quality. Especially with quality of smoothness.

gawd you are all making me want a rally so bad haha.

I STILL haven’t tried a yeti yet, but the rally is AWESOME! O0

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

I mean, when two powerhouse companies both release killer plastics then there is going to be at least some comparison. That being said, it’s a no question for me. I’m getting both. ;D

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I like them both. I don’t see why this rally>yeti thread was created though. It’s all about opinion