honest thoughts colored yetis vs rally

What are your thoughts on the colored yetis vs rallys whitch do you play more i myself play the yeti way more it suites my better and it is way more fun to play with but the rally is also good but come on who doesnt love the finish on the yeti

Post whitch you prefer and why

Haven’t tried a Yeti, only a Rally. Although it’s not really fair to compare them considering the Yeti is a plastic and the Rally is a hybrid. If we’re playing that game we might as well throw the Shutter into the mix and say they both lose.

Yah i still think its fair to compare them and i also have a shutter as well and i prefer the rally and yeti over the shutter

Another one of these threads? I am all rally vs yeti worn out…


Come on i thought sence people were starting to get their yetis i thought it would now be a fair time to compare them

I absolutely love then both!!! I think it is fair to compare the both of then… Why wouldn’t you
Anyways I think the yeti takes the edge because it fits my play style perfect and it’s just so much more fun to play with. For some reason I get bored throwing the rally. And plus I hate the finish. They are both awesome but different. Different is good though can you imagine if OD and clyw made the same yoyo that would suck!!

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I haven’t been able to get my hands on a rally yet but I am loving my Yeti

The only problem I have with it is that it has massive string wear, I find myself replacing the string at least once per day

Alls you need to do is take some 1500 grit wet and dry sandpaler and first hand sand near the reponse area then wet the sandpaper then go though that area again had to do that to my yeti now it works perfectly

I’ve seen the video

Yhea there are already some discussions out there about this, but i haven’t played a Yeti yet, so i will only touch on the Rally.

Simply putt, the Rally is stable, can be played laid back or fast, good spin times, and great grinding surface. I love mine, just decide which is better for you


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I like both

I said this in one of the other threads:

I am a big fan of both the Rally and the Yeti. The Rally fits my play style a little bit more but that is by no means a slam against the Yeti. There is no comparing the play of these two, they have such different feels on the string during play. I sold off my black Yeti because I do not like black yo-yos. I KNOW I will be picking up a purple, blue, or light grey one at some point, it is a yo-yo that I want in my collection.

Yeti is overpriced… Over $40 for a solid plastic yoyo. Don’t give me the glass filled plastic line. I don’t think that the plastic costs enough vs. polycarbonate to make a huge price difference yet the yeti costs way more than the average solid plastic yoyo… In a word(make that several)… Average CLYW hype and overpricedness. Think about it. For the rally they machine the weight rings and bearing/response area. Then then they machine the plastic itself to get a grind finish. Then they assemble the yoyo. Vs. um nothing. They just inject like the beginning stages of the rally

“assemble the yoyo vs. um nothing”

im sorry but do you have any idea how much time goes into making a yeti … actually alot

they are all sanded down, tested by hand several times to find the right match between halves, edges are shaved. stickers and boxing.

i have a red rally and a black yeti. honestly best $90 ive ever spent. i wouldnt trade both for anything.


im planning on getting a grey yeti also. be glad to spend the $60 or so dollars

You don’t already? I can burn through 5 strings in an hour of hard play, easy.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I disagree with yours but you are more than welcome to have it. I would like to point out two things:

  1. CLYW uses a glass fill polycarbonate, not just any old plastic. One Drop also uses a polycarbonate for the Rally, just one without a glass particle to help with the weight.

  2. You may want to watch this before you dismiss the assembly process:


Yeah however this time it’s different, if what I heard is true, the colored yetis are different from the black ones. Also more people have yetis now (around 500?) so it is justified to have a legitimate comparison now.

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Seriously? THEY ARE THE SAME, who cares if people have more or less.

I AM RALLY vs. YETI worn out!! Enough!

Just get what your heart desires.

Just get what fits you price rang.

Just get what shape you prefer

Just get what color you prefer

Just get what company you prefer