Yeti vs Rally


Ok, this is not an official comparison. I am no expert, matter of fact, I’m a noob compared to 95% of you guys on this site.

With that said, I was able to get my hands on a Rally a few months back and recently a Yeti. While the Yeti is a great throw, I really prefer the Rally. Just seems more stable and for some reason I land tricks much easier with it than the Yeti.

The Yeti is great, but if it got stolen, I don’t know if I’d buy another. The Rally on the other hand, I think I would buy another if my collection was stole.

I am a CLYW fan boy, but this time I can’t give it the edge.

Flame suit on! :stuck_out_tongue:


The only thing about the yeti that turns me off from it is the need for tuning as I often take my return tops apart


Most people feel this way, as do I. I do think the Rally plays better but I feel like the Yeti had more character, and just more fun to play IMO

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It takes certain people to truly appreciate and throw the Yeti the way it deserves to be thrown.

Rally is great, but more generic and thus it appeals to more people.


Something about a full plastic is more appealing to me.


yaaayyyy! this debate again! this has been disputed on waaaayyyy too much on which is better. and last time this happened we came to the conclusion that you can’t compare the 2 yoyos because one is technically speaking a hybrid (rally) and the other is a full on plastic(yeti). the only real dispute here is that the price point is similar and that they are by 2 companies CLYW, and one drop, who have never made anything like they did before.


You can read my past posts on the Yeti where I say it’s overpriced and a joke and whatever. And yeah, it obviously is overpriced massively, BUT I love the dang thing, as much as I don’t want to. Colors are ugly, takes work to get it smooth, CLYW is dragging their feet on releasing more, spacers can be a pain (although replacement YYF spacers seem to fit a lot less tight than the stock ones), and overall it shouldn’t be anything special. But man it is FUN and that’s what I care about. My yoyo buying and selling is always about fun, not finding the best performance, sure I love great playing yoyos, but that middle ground with stuff like the Yeti, 54, Code 1, Avalanche, Uragment, etc. That’s why I yoyo, and I really love the Yeti. Rally plays amazing, but just doesn’t feel like it has personality or character. If you’re learning tricks and working up through the lists, then the Rally is great. If you’re already fairly happy with your abilities and just like something that feels enjoyable to throw, while also performing well, then the Yeti is great.


Yeah, talk to me about the Yeti when it doesn’t cost $75 AND have those crap YYF spacers. No freaking way until then.

My guess is they’re gonna turn out just enough to cover the mold then scrap it. Super expensive, has to be hand finished, super expensive, uses a terrible bearing seat…
Did I mention the fact they’re stupid expensive? These sold at the projected price point, what, once? At worlds? Then double for colors on CLYW.CA?
I was stoked when these were announced but the whole thing just seems absurd now.


And that’s why I don’t own one. Why doesn’t everyone use SPRs?


I’m not sure why, I can’t say, but I prefer the Protostar over the Rally. The Rally was smooth and precise, but it was uninspiring. I never looked forward to the Rally, it was more of a workhorse. I love One Drop, but I won’t pick up another Rally unless they redesign it, or just release a colorway I have to have.

I’m probably going to grab a yeti (or two) next time they’re restocked. I’ve never played with one before, but they look like a lot of fun. ???


This is the first time I’ve commented after owning both of these. I recently got hold of a blue Yeti, and it was a pleasant surprise. I enjoy playing both models, but they are different. With different specs, different feel, different look, different materials, there is not much for me to say by way of comparison.

The Yeti was hard to find, but I get the feeling that will change soon. I’m looking to pick up another Yeti or two. I’m on my 4th Rally now. Is it just me, or does that white plastic just feel so good compared to the other colors? I always thought white plastic felt different than other colors. I thought the same with my Rubik’s cubes. I’m convinced white plastic just feels better. Whatever they are adding or taking away to get that white must make the difference. If you love the Rally, get a white one, I swear it feels different (even better).


Yeti is definitely better in my opinion. It is quieter and very smooth to the touch and it is bigger and I like bigger throws. While some people say it is overpriced, well it may be, but that is the only edge I feel the rally has over the yeti.


I own 30+ high end throws, including CLYW, YYR and the like, but the Rally is by far my favourite throw.

I guess that’s the thing about yoyos. What doesn’t click with one person might be perfect for another. I’ve yet to try a Yeti, so I can’t comment on the comparison between the two, but I can express my fondness for Onedrop’s mighty plastic.

I don’t know what it is about it, but it just works for me. I never have more fun yoyoing than when I’m throwing my lovely green Rally. :slight_smile:


Rally is a budget hybrid yoyo and a clyw yeti is a expensive high end yoyo so you choose.rally =very smooth very fast nice finish to it overall great budget throw.yeti= don’t own one but I know it’s probably a good opinion is the rally is better becuase like I said it plays like a expensive yoyo ,it’s cheap and overall onedrop is a good company love there yea that my opinion every one opinion is different YoYoTech out


Great feedback peeps. That’s why we all have different throws, we all have different tastes.