Yeti Vs. Rally

With the Yeti release and the crazy yeti hype, I wanted to hear some opinions on the yeti compared to the rally. I missed the first Yeti sighting and started comparing the two.
Yeti pros
Is in much higher demand
Higher trade value and second-hand value
Hand tuned
Yeti cons
Can’t take it apart without vibe
Potential bearing seat issues
Potential string wear issues
Generally high maintanace
Hard to get
Stuck spacers and bearing

Rally pros
Really smooth
Pretty easy to find
Hand tuned
Rally cons
Doesn’t really gain any value
I’ve heard issues about the rally pressure cracking

I’ll add more traits to either list of I think of any. Or if you think of any, let me know. I haven’t played a yeti, and I haven’t extensively played a rally, so this is all coming from what I’ve heard around the forums.

The Rally doesn’t have those awful spacers.

Rally is somewhat bland.

I’ve owned multiple though lol

The cracks were only an issue on the first run rally for me. And I don’t consider it’s lack of appreciation to be a negative.

I have a rally and I didn’t have to sit in front of a computer all day to get it!

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That is very true

-way more hype (i like it, but its not the best yoyo ever as some people are treating it IMO)
-yyf spacers…the only thing i remotely dislike about yoyofactory
-WAY more solid feeling, for more laid back trix
-a few flaws in the design (still a great yoyo thoa!!! ;))
-made in canada
-injection molded
-people overprice them when selling. don’t deny it. :stuck_out_tongue:
-everyones favorite yoyo (im joking but people do like it a LOT)

-aluminum weight rings
-faster playing
-mine cracked ( i heard that others from the first run were like this too tho but still :()
-made in murica
-gambits favorite yoyo

all in all, they are both awesome yoyos with different characteristics, so arguing about which one is better is pointless. (this has happened in the past…pretty annoying if you ask me)

Just get both :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll try but it doesn’t look very promising.

Is there anyway to get a Rally now?

They are sold out on YYE.

Woohoo, this thread takes me back…  :wink:,69641.0.html


I got a purple yeti, the area between the spacer and the response cracked. So chris said send it back they would fix it. (not cheap by the way)
Came back, the other side was cracked in the same place. :frowning: Its a nice throw but those cracks make for a odd vibe on the string that makes me think the pad has came loose. So I don’t play it anymore. chris was nice enough to just let me keep it and refund my money.

Code 2 vs Chief?

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I have to two yetis a purple that I just got yesterday and a grey on that I’ve had from first run and had no prbs from it I have a white with red rims rally and the new mango rally I play the rally’s all the time and there beast! The yeti is just over hyped yoyo surprised it wasn’t 150$ like the rest of the over way over prices throws they have they are good but they could be resonable I mean comon now, monkey finger yoyos are a lot better quality and come from Canada and are only 102$ u do the math, clyw is all hype!

Do you know what isn’t all hype? Proper sentence structure, commas, and punctuation.

Jk, I’m just messing with you. This is the internet :slight_smile:

I can’t speak for the illusive yeti but my rally has taken some serious abuse and still plays smooth, i didn’t even know plastic could ding but i managed it

I have owned both, and they are both yoyos I would pay full retail for. Yeti is super chill and a fun machine, while he rally is fast and technical, both equally capable of the same tricks, just feeling different on the string.

In other words, get both as you can, they are worth it

(Pro tip)the yeti’s “problems” are nonexistent if you are over 12 and can maintain a yoyo

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I’m over 12 and can maintain a yoyo fairly well. If I owned a yeti, would there be constant problems? Probably not, because if you fix a problem it shouldn’t reoccur. So yes, if you can maintain the yeti well, you won’t really have any issues. This doesn’t mean that the yeti isn’t high maintenance. You can clean and lube bearings every once and a while with most other yoyos; or you can use string picks, tune the yoyo, deal with stuck spacers, and clean and lube bearings as normal with something like a yeti or other yoyos like it.