Rally vs Yeti

Should I get a red Rally while they are in stock, or should I wait for the next release of the Yeti? I’m leaning toward the rally but im not sure.


Get a red rally now and pick up a yeti when they’re ready in the next few months.

Its one or the other though. If I get the rally, I wont get a Yeti, and if I wait for the Yeti, I wont get a rally for a long time.

If you could have one or the other, which one would you pick??

Can you wait or must you have a kick butt plastic now!

I own two rally’s and a yeti both are amazing yoyos each has their pluses neither really have minuses each will play differently and have its own character (because they aren’t the same yoyo), you won’t regret buying either as each again is amazing in its own right.

The only issue then becomes can you wait a few months for a yeti or do you need a rally right now?

Happy hunting and I know you’ll enjoy either yoyo.

Rally any day of the week


I prefer them both. I couldn’t choose just one.

Well depends… Preferences… If you like fast, get the Rally. If you like slow and relaxed, get a Yeti.

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Dang it didn’t mean to thank you this post.

I don’t agree the yeti is every bit as capable of fast and nimble play as the rally they just feel different on the string and throughout the tricks. Both are very awesome yoyos. Just each has its own personality. I definitely would say the yeti is slow, but I definitely would say that both the yeti and the rally can handle the relaxed and more intense play.