Does anyone know when yye is getting more yetis?

I saw the rally thread like this and now I want a rally and a yeti. I’m curious when the next yeti run will drop. And which one is better in the opinions of people who have played both?
Thanks, Thomas. ???


So rally’s are sooner? I sure hope that they’re better cuz I’m not a patient person.

Just get whichever comes first, then when the next one comes, get it too. :slight_smile:

That works too ;D

From what I hear, no first hand experience, the rally is the winner of this round. Personally I encourage support for both if you can afford it and want more quality plastics, because those molds are expensive and both companies took a huge gamble investing that sort of money into this venture when they could have played it safe. That being said, I still don’t really understand the desire for high end plastic throws. It’s like putting tons of money into a Kia. You got great rims, tons of after market that tuned up your hp and torque, but it’s still a Kia.

No. The colored ones drop in October. The black ones will be sooner, how sooner I don’t know.

They feel different, I personally find plastics a lot more fun to throw. Plus they’re cheaper for people that don’t have as much money to throw around. High end plastics are for people that want a competition ready yoyo without having to save up for weeks or months to get one.

During my teenage years I had hardly any money, there’s no way I could have afforded a decent metal, whereas £30.00 for a Rally, whilst it would have taken months of saving, was doable and could last me for a darn long time. Company’s investing into moulds shows that they want to make throws which everyone can afford at a potential cost to themselves, which I think is mighty decent of them.

I love my Rally. I’ll get a Yeti eventually as well but the Rally is a sensational throw… so much fun. :smiley:

I didn’t lie, though, did I?

Lol I never said you lied ? :slight_smile:

Well, I have both and use both regularly so I can answer. I would say Rally. It just feels like a better quality yoyo to me, it plays like a metal instead of a plastic; whereas to me the Yeti plays more like a plastic than than a metal. Don’t get me wrong, both yoyos are absolutely incredible and by far the best two plastics I’ve used but for me I like the Rally a smidge better. Now this is just my opinion, yours could be different. The facts are: Yeti is bigger and clunkier than the Rally, Rally is more angular than the more organic and Chief like shape of the Yeti. Yeti is based off the Chief and is very similar to is, and the Rally is based on the Code 2 and very similar to it as well. There are metal weight rings in the Rally, the Yeti is 100% plastic. Rally costs more than the Yeti, by $5. One is machined, one is injection molded. Both are freaking amazing, by far the two best plastic yoyos ever made. I would much rather get one of each of these than one good metal yoyo.

For sure get both. They’re both so good it doesn’t matter which one is really better.

You said, “No.” as if I were wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry didnt mean to come off that way, my bad :-\

It’s personal preference obviously, but I cannot put my Yeti down and I prefer it to the Rally. As stated earlier, I agree that the Rally feels more like a metal throw and the Yeti feels more like a plastic throw, but the Yeti is all plastic and the Rally has metal weight rings. I feared the Yeti would be too large for my smallish hands, but it flows beautifully and really is amazing. I have played my Rally almost non-stop for a month, I do love it, but I already love the Yeti more. I cannot believe how smooth it is. So smooth. Mine is smoother than most metal throws, I would venture to say it’s the smoothest out of all my CLYW throws and is significantly more quiet on the string than the Rally even with the brand-new 10 ball I ordered with my Rally. They’re great, but the Yeti wins for me.

Would you mind comparing them to the XLR8 if you tried it? I’m curious after the lovely flame war I started.

One of your facts is a little off. BOTH are injection molded. The Rally just takes a 60 second ride in the machines to smooth them out and give them the grind finish. I agree with the other comments completely and follow it up with, both are a heck of a lot of fun to throw. LOL

Thank you for the correction, I completely forgot about that. haha

I don’t know why there is so much hype in the Yeti, and not the Rally. The yeti is a great yoyo, don’t get me wrong I use mine all day. But all of these new yoyoers and less experienced yoyoers, see the yeti and rally and immediately pick the Yeti over the Rally just because of the publicity the Yeti is getting. I understand the Yeti is CLYW’s first plastic, but the Rally is also One Drops first plastic. There really isn’t any comparison of the Yeti and Rally because they are two different yoyos, one 100% plastic, and the other plastic/metal hybrid (plastic yoyo, metal rings). But with both super popular companies releasing plastic yoyos at the same time, it’s kind of a little competition. As much as people try to fight it, it’s definitely a competition between the Yeti and the Rally. I was impressed a little more with the Yeti in this battle, but I think the Rally won the war. The reason I was impressed with the Yeti a little more then the rally, is because its super hard to create a fully plastic yoyo this good. It’s got a little vibe, but with NO weight rings or any metal to stabilize, at all, it’s just not going to be perfectly smooth. Yes other yoyos are plastic but they are not dead unresponsive like the yeti. The northstar and protostar are plastic, but they have that metal weight ring to stabilize to create less vibe. I was very impressed with how Chris did with the yeti and creating it out of only plastic and it being so good, but the rally is dead smooth and not vibey and is also the perfect shape/size/weight for me. These are my thoughts on the YETI and Rally. This might not be the case for someone else but these are my opinions.

I’m pretty sure it’s because there aren’t many Yeti’s in peoples hands right now.

I also got myself a Rally and a Yeti. In my opinion, the Rally does play better. My Yeti has a little vibe, but it still plays great. I honestly would pass up a $85 metal to get these two plastics again any day.

The machined finish on the Rally is one of my favorite parts though. Takes the cake for me.