Rally and Yeti. Not a comparison but just my thoughts.

I don’t know why there is so much hype in the Yeti, and not the Rally. The yeti is a great yoyo, don’t get me wrong I use mine all day. But all of these new yoyoers and less experienced yoyoers, see the yeti and rally and immediately pick the Yeti over the Rally just because of the publicity the Yeti is getting. I understand the Yeti is CLYW’s first plastic, but the Rally is also One Drops first plastic. There really isn’t any comparison of the Yeti and Rally because they are two different yoyos, one 100% plastic, and the other plastic/metal hybrid (plastic yoyo, metal rings). But with both super popular companies releasing plastic yoyos at the same time, it’s kind of a little competition. As much as people try to fight it, it’s definitely a competition between the Yeti and the Rally. I was impressed a little more with the Yeti in this battle, but I think the Rally won the war. The reason I was impressed with the Yeti a little more then the rally, is because its super hard to create a fully plastic yoyo this good. It’s got a little vibe, but with NO weight rings or any metal to stabilize, at all, it’s just not going to be perfectly smooth. Yes other yoyos are plastic but they are not dead unresponsive like the yeti. The northstar and protostar are plastic, but they have that metal weight ring to stabilize to create less vibe. I was very impressed with how Chris did with the yeti and creating it out of only plastic and it being so good, but the rally is dead smooth and not vibey and is also the perfect shape/size/weight for me. These are my thoughts on the YETI and Rally. This might not be the case for someone else but these are my opinions.

Guess I’ll post here too… It’s because there aren’t many Yeti’s out right now. People WANT them because they haven’t played them yet.

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Well. I see that that’s one of the reasons. But a lot of people have neither and they are both out of stock. And so many people are asking about the yeti restock but not that many people are asking about the rally restock.

Well, I think we all have a theory on why that is.

At worlds, rally’s were available for the whole time and yetis sold out within hours of being released. Just a thought. The rally is great by the way, but the yeti is so limited. I think another reason that the yeti is so hyped is the new material. Everyone has scene a few plastic/ metal throws, but a glass filled plastic? That’s new and everyone likes new things.


I chose the Yeti over the Rally because the specs and profile are more suited to my play style. I’m sure that the Rally is a great player, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Fanboys. For every OD fanboy, there must be, like, 100 CLYW fanboys. I saw SOOO many people wearing CLYW logos on the chest and forehead at WYYC. It’s annoying.

I owe both and am looking to buy another rally in red to keep my green company. I love my rally as it was my first real yoyo that was non responsive (well my first yoyo in general.) here on the forum it seems like clyw just has a much more vocal following for the yeti then the rally, but where I live most of my friends are equal in waiting on the reatock of the yeti and the rally restock, so I don’t see the mass onesided yeti hype in real life like i do here on the forums.

How is it annoying? Are you a hippie trying to get away from the most acknowledged brands?
What did CLYW do to hurt you?


I can’t wait to buy a rally to give my yeti company. That being said I don’t see what’s with all the complaining about these two yoyos. They’re both great and at just $40 ish each it’s not a big deal buying both.

The yeti gets more hype probably because of the limited amount of them…

50 yetis sold out in 5 minutes

50 rally’s more than likely sold out within 10 minutes

lol keep telling yourself that.

It could very well be true, you know…

I feel like CLYW fanboys think that they are so cool. That is what bugs me.

And no, I am not a hippie, LOL.

And actually, I have thrown some of their yoyos, and I just don’t get it. They aren’t that amazing.

Puffin=awesome. My favorite clyw

CLYW doesn’t annoy me. I love CLYW, I’ve owned Marmots, a BvM, a GE, and I want an AC and Yeti. I also love YYR, C3, YoyoJoker, YYF, SPYY, G2 (never owned one, tried Jake’s Quake and Triton and love them though), One Drop and YYJ, though.

The fanboys annoy me. It’s such an attention grab. Look at me, I throw nothing but CLYW, I have 5 Yetis, I painted my house in Bip Bop colors, I get my whole family to wear CLYW shirts, woo! CLYW is life!

In the slightly changed words of Sheldon Cooper’s mom,

“It’s okay to love a company more than everyone else, but it’s NOT okay to always point it out.”

LOL this must be the most used reason to hate on anyone ever. Did they talk you down? Did they physically hurt you? Have they said they are cooler than you, or said ANYTHING at all to that effect?

I’ve been making rounds all through the forum, and I’ve yet to see ANY hurtful pro-CLYW posts.
Its like,

3 guys post ,“OMG G2 is the best brand evar.” no one bats an eye.
but 1 guy say, “I kinda like the yeti because it fits my preferences, good job to CLYW.”


So true.
So much hate for nothing.

I think the reason is because it is sort of like a song, a song can be a good song… but when it is over played, you get sick of it. The same with CLYW, you see it everywhere in the yo-yo community… and in the same way gets over played, so to some it can get annoying after a while, even though their products are good, it can be too much sometimes. And like what was said before, the whole “if someone said G2 was the best brand ever no one will bat an eye” well that is because you don’t hear that very often, but you do hear it about CLYW more frequently. Anyways people just get tired of it, and in a way it sort of becomes like nagging to some, and as we know people dislike nagging. :wink:

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I bot teh Yeti beecos it wil mayk mee as gud as Jensen, taht is y he is wit CLYW.