Another Yeti thread...

And you guys thought $120 for a Yeti was crazy!

Like I get this is one of the special color ones that I don’t think will be going into production but still, $137.50 with around 2 days left on the action is crazy. But I still think the Yeti for a Peak is crazier this is still a crazy deal.

I was debating on trying to pick one up on the CLYW store when there would be 5 or so availble at a time but I decided if I really want it I could wait a month or two to pick one up. I will probably try a Yeti for $40 because it’s only $40 but not sure if I will like it. I’m not the biggest fan of plastics.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks Yeti’s are the single most hyped throw out there…

it looks like the normal color…

That’s exactly what I thought when seeing it.

And $20 for shipping…Wow! The Yeti is an amazing throw, but for that price, you could get almost any CLYW metal off of YYE.

Well, yeah, but it includes 10 kittystrings. How can you pass that up? :wink:

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Could be worse. They could be paying $160,000,000 for this piece of junk:

As long as people are willing to pay so much for something that’s worth so little, then people will cash in. I wish I bought a few now just to make a profit…

Only CLYW could make a plastic that people would buy for $130.00. There’s being a fan, and there’s just being foolish.

Its not even super good or smooth. I mean, a Shutter PROBABLY out plays a yeti.

A Rally is better, and smoother. There is just hype for the yeti and CLYW

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Do you own a yeti or are you just basing this off other peoples opinions? Even then it’s still an opinion and the yeti may fit a different persons preferences more than a rally. I’m tired of seeing people argue over which is better when they’re both yoyos and it all comes down to what that specific person is looking for.

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If you don’t like it don’t buy it honestly. I mean, OG Peaks don’t play as good as say, a YYR, but still cost $500+. Its not based off play its based of rarity and hype. I would love to get my hands on as Yeti, just for the resale value.

you think that’s insane?

Yeah. This is what happened to me a little while ago.
I do love my Yeti. but, I would NEVER scalp someone that bad.

People who don’t know anything about yo-yos on a yoyo message board, I expect.

People who don’t know anything about art using it to talk about yo-yos on a yoyo message board? That’s a new one.


That’s appalling but doesn’t surprise me. I would say I’m surprised he didn’t ask for your Draupnir and Anglam too, but they’re not CLYWs.

Haha, Indeed.

Once again have you played with a Yeti for a extensive period of time? Please don’t put your opinion out on something your not even sure about.

It is. I’m not a plastic fan, but I love my yeti!

Um, if anyone wants to sell a yeti, i’ll take it off your hands for… let’s see what is in my change jar… 8 dollars? does that sound good?
In all seriousness, although i do find it a little odd that people are willing to spend so much on plastic yoyos, you gotta give the guys at clyw credit. Many other companies are selling off METALS at cheaper than the yeti, and yet the yeti is still one of the most sought after yoyos on the market, despite some mixed (though mostly positive) reviews. That shows the power of having a company with such a great history behind it.

I think you missed the sarcasm :wink: Personally I’ve never seen the allure of anything Pollock.




People payed thousands of dollars for a box of Twinkies when Hostess went out of business…

What happens when CLYW goes out of business?