Who is getting a yeti?

Now that chris has stocked yetis, who is getting one?

I would, but I want to pay a reasonable price $40-$50

Not $55+8.50 shipping.

Total, they cost 63.50

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The question is who GOT a yeti? Lol


^ This (or more for us oversees-shippers). I don’t really want to pay nearly $65.00 for a plastic throw, regardless of the manufacturer.

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ah well… I appear to be getting one. You know, people don’t say “why would you get a chief, you can get a great metal yoyo for like 30 dollars from magic yoyo.” I think that the yeti is similar. It is one of the pricier plastic yoyos on the market, but it is unique and high quality. It is also still the cheapest non b grade clyw.

I grabbed 2 from the store as soon. As they were released and I already have 1.

I personally really like them, more than the rally, and am fine with paying a little more money if it means helping Chris out. No one ever really gives him enough credit.

I can respect that, he does seem like a genuinely decent guy.

Not so sure about that. CLYW (Chris) is one of the most popular manufacturers out there, his releases usually sell out pretty quickly and their resale value is so much higher than a lot of other companies. Just look at the queue for Yetis at worlds and how much they were getting sold for afterwards…

Well many of us (like me) got them as soon as they were released last friday. Although I still have to wait til mine comes in the mail lol. But, I can see many people may be still thinking about it.

Not paying over 60 bucks for one. No matter how much I love clyw.

I have to admit it is alittle pricy but think about it like this clyw is like the Ferrari of the yoyo world. Just because it’s made from a different material and is alittle bit more pricy than it’s competition it’s still a Ferrari. Sure there is ganna be better yoyos out there for cheaper but what you are buying is the heritage and the performance and the feel of a clyw at a smaller price point. If Ferrari made a 20 thousand dollar car that wasn’t as good as a 20 thousand dollar honda people would still buy it because it’s a Ferrari

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Seems sales at the CLYW store are a bit slower than I expected.

I will be getting a blue one. It will be boxed with a Red Fish Blue Fish Gnarwal 2 and a 28 Stories Arctic Circle Second Expedition.

I guess with that kind of purchase, the expedited shipping is free, so therefore my Yeti cost me $52.29 after the exchange. I have played one and I liked it. I will say I do like the Rally a lot more.

My only complaint is that my choices for colorways caused me to spend on the upper tier of the price range for both the Gnarwal 2 and AC2, but my budget accounted for that being allowed so I did not exceed budget.

I defended the Yeti at $40. I just can’t justify the cost + shipping. Maybe when they come to yoyoexpert.

…and 20 people bought the Oxy Hyperion at 500 bucks each, plus shipping. Wonder what they were thinking, lol?

When you sit down in a Restaurant(yoyo store) and look at the menu(list of yoze for sale), you pick out something you think you would like. The Price is the price. They don’t change it because you don’t like the cost. And you don’t sit in the Restaurant and complain about all the other food selections you would have preferred, but the price wasn’t ‘justified’.

Every day, there are a whole bunch of people ‘inside Disneyland’ having loads of fun. And there are, no doubt, several people in the parking lot or standing at the ticket booths, whining about ’ the price of Admission’.

If you want to Play, you sometimes have to Pay.

I am not saying a Yeti is worth any specific amount. I am saying why waste time complaining about not being willing to Bounce for the price of Admission?

Bcmaddog has spent hundreds, of dollars on yoyos(or at least his parents have) and all of a sudden 55+8.50 is some unreal amount?

The material the Yoyo is made from, does not constitute a valid reason a Yoyos’ final selling price should fall within a certain range. That is groundless. < think not? Easy solution. Gear up and start designing and making plastic yoyos. Do it. Has to be easy, right? They are only plastic. One Drop only spent 3 years before they finalized the Rally, right? Piece a cake no doubt.

…so why pay 60 something bucks for some Canadian plastic, when you could just gear up and make a Yoyo in mad dogs garage? He will even paint it for you.

Don’t give a second thought about how long Chris has been doing yoze. Don’t care about the time and trouble and expense he has gone to, to come up with the final design of the Yeti. Don’t consider he is putting the CLYW reputation on the line, in releasing his only plastic design that is shaped like a Chief, so it better ‘Play’.

A lot of things factor into the final price of a Yoyo.

But no matter what they are, the choice remains the same.

You pay to play. Whining is not a constructive option.

And if you don’t like the price of something, why start a thread lynch mob? Wouldn’t it be possibly more effective to contact the Manufacturer by Email and complain directly?

… Mail man is here. Un, are you sure that is my box from Canada? It sure is Big, and heavy. Lol


I’m talking more about the fact that he is a one man show( for the most part, even though he now has Chuck helping out)

Yes, everyone loves his throws and he is very popular among the community but realistically people don’t think about how small of an operation he really has going on up there in Edmonton.

All I was trying to say was that the man has to eat; with CLYW being his full-time job, he is rightly justified in trying to make money, that is the point of owning a company.

i have a first release black one… for $45 bucks its great. but to me the price isnt really the concern for me. i love the yeti, how it plays, looks and feels so that good enough for me the spend the extra money. if its something you are really intrigued by then go get it.

to me the people complaining about the price probably dont exactly like the yeti on first impression and to that i say go get what you REALLY want not just what the mainstream is raving about.

I have a purple Yeti on the way… wishing I could’ve snagged a blue!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Pricey?! ALL these yoyo’s I buy nowadays cost WAY too much for just a “yoyo”!! But I like these fancy yoyo’s… worth it to ME!! :wink:

What’s next $100+ plastics? I remember when the Yeti was supposed to be $40-$45. I was on board with that. I defended it because of the unique type of plastic used. A few were released on yoyoexpert which quickly sold out. Restocks were promised soon. 3-4 months later no restocks of the black Yeti at yoyoexpert because “I just don’t have the time”. Colored Yeti are spotted on cariboustore… Hmmm, interesting. Gnarwhal 2, AC 2 announced. Interesting. More colored Yeti released. Interesting. Where are the black Yeti?

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Chris is realistically putting out what people want. Everyone has been saying “We want colored Yetis, when are they coming out?”

I’m sure Chris has plans to put out more black Yetis but with the Holidays just around the corner, he is being a smart businessman and selling the things that the masses are asking for: colored Yetis and new unique throws.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more do be done in the way of plastics, so realistically, $100+ plastics are a possibility.

There’s already $150 or higher priced delrin off-strings. Isn’t delrin essentially a plastic?

Let me share my over-indulgence:


I know, so stupid. I don’t need to spend more than this:
BTW, that top yellow/black Pro-Z is dead unresponsive and plays not so bad.

Then again, what do I know? I bought this:

But I can be quite content with this:


Maybe it will anger people to know that most metal yoyos, if we just look at material costs alone, is maybe $40-60 with bearing and response pads. Many are lower. Make you feel better?

Machining time, prototyping, R&D, computer time, CAD time, test time. Plastics may skip machining time, but there’s still prototyping and that expensive mold. Only way to recover those costs are to turn and burn and churn out large numbers to sell quickly, which is easier with plastics than metals.

$55 too much for a plastic? The Yeti? My opinion? Yes. Still paid the $55.

Are $100 plastics a possibility? Yes, absolutely. Is anything worth that of what’s currently made? Nope, not yet. Delrin is a plastic that’s machined. Celcon is essentially an injection molded plastic that is chemically similar to delrin.

We’re spending high costs on stuff like this:

If you don’t like a price, don’t pay it. Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything.

In the meantime, when my Yeti comes, I will be sharing it with as many people as possible. Sharing yoyos with friends: priceless!

I don’t care what others buy or don’t buy. People shouldn’t care what I do or don’t buy or what price I paid for it. What other people do is not my problem. What I do is NOT your problem.

I think we need to remember:
Fun doesn’t have a price tag.
(well, it does for the purposes of things like park admissions and retail of objects for having fun with, but you can’t put a real price on the cost of what having fun does for someone)

I think most of us have better things to do. I for one should be working on evaluating a point of sale platform and not talking yoyo prices.

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