clyw yeti

where can i buy a clew yeti yoyo?

The only place you’ll be able to find one is on the BST.

Yup the BST or wait untill CLYW makes another run but that could be awhile.

I talked to palli at IYYC and he said Chris wants to make some changes to it that’s why its taking some time

What’s the bst because I’m looking for a yeti too

The BST is the Buy/Sell/Trade. It’s where you buy used yoyos and sell your used ones.

Cool beans thanks

Oh interesting

I hope there’s some at Canada nats for me to buy.

CLYW might not even have a table. I really wish I could go to Canadian Nats.

wait it isn’t even listed here at yoyo expert though?

Nope, best bet would be to get one from, uh, a site that only sell CLYW’s ;).

what kind of sites are those?

The site of the brand, but they’re not producing right now so you will probably have to wait a little while

I’m somewhat surprised you guys put up with clyw…

Could be a little while still, but we’ve got parts to make a bunch. Please don’t pay inflated prices on the BST…there are plenty more coming.


No death-grip spacers and I’m in.

Soon as in this week I hope. :smiley:

Guess you’re out. We like our spacers to fit the bearing snugly and reduce potential vibration.

Can you at least secure them into the yoyo halfs? Use SPR’s?