When do you think the CLYW yeti will re-release? I really wan to to get one. Also, a what price will it be sold?


I have no idea. They have been saying “Soon” for almost 6-months it seems.

It will be about $45

Theres already a topic about this but anyways.

I’m not sure when they’ll re-release it they’ve been “Coming soon” since November but I do know LYW is trying as hard as they can to release them as soon as they can. As far as price I’ve hear anything for $45 to $60 from people but there has been no official price announcement.

^There have been about 10 topics on this in that time.

Maybe Alfreddy is new around here and doesn’t read the Board every 5 minutes like you do.

It’s possible…


So we’ve all been anticipating this release. How many Yetis do you think will actually be put out?

Too few, as always

I heard that Steve Brown cries a little every time a new Yeti thread starts up.

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Steve said that CLYW is in the works on a new plastic Return Top. Because the Yeti has caused so many problems for CLYW, such as; slow production speed, high demand and impatient fans, people complaining about how it wears strings quickly, people complaining when their yeti is not as smooth as a titanium yoyo and so on and then badgering Steve and Chris about it. I would not be surprised if CLYW just scraps the entire Yeti release all together and uses that energy towards the new model. If they do ever assemble a few, they would be better off just selling them at contests or by doings small give aways for instagram contests or something. But I do remember Steve saying that they had at least 100 or so lying around waiting to be assembled but I doubt more than 200.

I emailed CLYW regarding the Yeti and this was their response:

"Hey Alfredo,

We do plan on releasing the Yeti again eventually. Unfortunately the process is a bit more time consuming then our other yo-yos so it will probably be at least a few more months before we have any available. We are hoping to make them available through our retailers at that time. Thank you for your patience and support!

CLYW - Caribou Lodge"

What do you make of that?

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I called them scrapping the Yeti a long time ago. Haven’t heard anything about a new plastic, but it seems silly. This one obviously hasn’t worked out for them. Why blow more money to try again?

There is zero information available about a price, release date, numbers available, or even colors, I think. Wasnt this yoyo announced to be in production… Summer 2013? Coming up on two years, there was the Worlds black release, and… two “special color” releases for like, $80+? Its a joke. They’ll maybe, MAYBE get a total or 200 out to retailers, then it will be gone forever, and the people who got them will charge double on the BST.


I don’t really know what I was going for here… But it seemed pertinent.


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Actually, Steve has put quite a lot of information out about the Yeti. Like how the colors for this next run will be gray, blue, purple, and khaki. Also that the price will be about $45. AND that they are going to be working on a new plastic, as it is Chris’ dream to have a great plastic in the CLYW lineup. I don’t know if they have actually started on it yet, but they have said it a number of times through different sources. If you don’t believe me, ask Steve himself, or do a little research and find it. This information has been everywhere for the last couple months.

They had also stated they had enough (good and working) parts to put out two more runs of about 200 Yetis each.

Edit: they will also ONLY be available through YoYoExpert