Has anyone picked up a yeti? How did u like it? Will u buy one? I love it!

When is the release date

I’m getting one

Never tried one, and I doubt that I will get it (but you never know, LOL).

This is from the interview that YoYoNews did with Chris Mikulin:

How soon until we see these in stores?

I have invested a huge chunk of money in this mold, so I think most of the first run will be sold direct to help pay it off. Then we will open it up to stores. My goal: available in the CLYW store early July, and other stores before Worlds. We shall see how things go. You never know.

I have a feeling that the Yeti and the Rally, especially with their price-points, will attract a lot of new players. More importantly, it’ll give existing players a nostalgic, worry-free experience that they’re missing in higher end throws they’re apprehensive about beating up.

I’m not a collector because I don’t want to own anything that isn’t used regularly, but either of these would be a great thing to keep in a pocket or a backpack. At all times so you have a quality, durable throw to play with.

The important questions are… Which is better, and why should customers choose one, the other, or both?

I’ll prob get one and a rally but not till there is some sort of sale , $45 for plastic seems a bit high to me .

It’s not just any plastic.

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I’d get a Rally if i got either, and probably won’t get either tbh, but maybe a Rally off the B/S/T. Rally looks really nice, has a nice weight ring, cool hub design, and from what i hear is amazing. I feel like CLYW in their quest to not use a traditional metal weight ring or caps, had to sacrifice aesthetics and design. So we get an awkward black yoyo with a weird giant hub that looks like a lawn chair and a price that is nearly as high as the Rally which is actually a machined yoyo which then has the rings pressed in. I guess if the Yeti was $25-$30 it’d be a deal, we’ll just have to wait and see.

We’re talking about CLYW here, you better k ow its going to be priced above what it should be. The rally catches my eye more but I may just get both off the BST at some point but the rally is the better deal.

Chris has said that the yoyo will be around $40.

I heard its amazing from a non team member

Played one a couple days back, plays great. Hecka stable for a plastic, great weigh, slightly oversized, feels fun and like a clyw…whatever that means.

It’s a really fun, awesome, throw. Like a plastic chief. Seriously so amazing…

It’s just another plastic yoyo from another reputable company.

IMO, $45 is a heck of a lot to charge for a solid plastic yoyo. It’s not priced competitively. I see plastic after plastic priced at <$20 and then all of a sudden the Yeti is priced at ~3X the price of the average plastic yoyo? If Chris wants my business, the price will need to take a plunge.

Sorry bud, it seems you haven’t been following this one very closely. This is a glass filled plastic which means it will give you a play closer to metal than polycarbonate. It also costs more. Not to be rude, but Chris doesn’t need your business. These will sell out without your patronage.

You people are still upset over the prices? Didn’t Chris already knock it down to $40?

The thing is, it is not “just another plastic yoyo”. Its a direction nobody else has gone. There isn’t another yoyo out there built with the same thing in mind, metal yoyo design in a one piece plastic body. 68g from a plastic yoyo with no weight rings? Definitely not just another plastic yoyo. Then there’s the fact that it isn’t even a material we’ve seen before…

Plastic Severe is $45. I haven’t heard anybody complain about that. Hell, that thing doesnt even go as far as to make itself a decent weight. I gave mine away I was so disappointed in it! Talk about your overpriced crap.


The rally is the same price as the Yeti and frankly, the Rally is nowhere near as good as the Yeti.

Actually, I have been following this very closely. The use of the glass-filled polycarbonate was mainly for the issue of strength, and ease of molding, as the Yeti’s rim’s are not good for injection molding. It does add some weight, which helps the distribution some, but does not make it play like a metal. The Yeti, rather, was designed with a similar distribution to the Chief, so that it would play similar.

I highly doubt that the blend of polycarbonate used in the Yeti is nearly 3 times as much as the blend used by most companies.

Chris has managed without my business for nearly 3 years now, and seems alright. I bet he can go a little longer.

I always make educated posts, and look up what I say before I post. Please do not judge others based on their opinions.

The Delrin Severe is just that, Delrin. It must be machined, a far more expensive process than injection molding. Also, “First of it’s kind?” There have been a plethora of plastic yoyo’s that play like metals before it. And “Solid halves,” you’re joking, right?

Have you played both?

Sorry, double post

You think it costs more to machine delrin than buy a $20,000 mold?


Just wondering if its confirmed that they spent that much for a mold?