CLYW Yeti Release Discussion Thread - Another 200 going to be Released...

It’s happening. I think it’s cool how they are staggering the sale. Discuss!

P.S. They’re still in stock!
P.P.S Grab me a green one please think of the poor kid! xD
P.P.P.S. No just kidding
P.P.P.P.S (actually, :))

Scored a Green! So pumped!
They didn’t go as fast as I thought they would.
I like the looks of the Green the best. Looked really cool.

I have never heard much about how they play. What are they like?

Beyond stoked i scored a green one. flipped out and ran to my computer cause my first try Didnt work on my phone

Grabbed a gray one. Anxiously waiting on the confirmation email to come through.

I got confused with it being “green”. I remember it being Khaki hehe.

The Yeti plays like a heavy chief that is plastic but not plastic.

It’s kinda weird to describe I guess but there are apparently flaws in the plastic and also do NOT take it apart if you don’t have to (one of the few throws that this “rule” kind of applies to imho). Those hub spacer things do not like being removed from the body of the yoyo. :frowning:

Curious, did anyone catch what quantities in each color?

I’m so mad right now. I was seconds away from getting one, ordering from phone as I’m not home. My stupid phone decides is going to goof and mess up my name when ordering,and I didn’t catch that. Had to go through the process again when it was gone. 22 white Yeti’s down to 0 in 2 minutes time.

Got it!

Man–clean up that inbox! :wink:

Eh, it’s not my email that I use. This account is just for signing up for stuff, so I don’t have to get spammed.

Got a purple one! The moment I saw the Instagram post I immediately ran downstairs to the computer with the site already open. Haha it’s the craziest I’ve been for a product release.

I know I shouldn’t but… I’m tempted to buy another one to match my first production run grey Yeti. My Yeti is about as (if not) smoother than most of my metal throws.

about how long did they take to sell out?

anyone else who isn’t really into social media annoyed by this?


Wow. That was quick… I was considering one since everyone’s been raving about them. Never even had a chance…

ugh hate releases like this… i don’t have time to sit around and watch social media all day. give us a date and time so we can properly adjust and plan our schedules to that launch time. this is like the cable company “Yes sir we will be there sometime between 8am and 8pm” lol. just my opinon… please to slander me for expressing my opinon. ;D

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I, too, am kind of annoyed by this. Was planning on picking one up, but I’m not into social media, so I guess I’ll pass. Just announce a date(s) and time like every other release.

I second this the staggering bugs me because I’m the only kid in the world without a phone so I have to be in front of my computer 24/7 in order to even see the notification

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i do not have one either.