To Everyone Who Got a Yeti!

Post in this if you got one. I want to see how many people from the forums got one.

I got one


Mark me down. I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to get one, after the checkout took forever to load…

I got one… And I’m suprised I did. I haven’t seen 50 yoyos sell out in under five minutes in a long time.

Totally unrelated, but for MineCon 2013, the tickets were released in batches of 2500 tickets. The first 2500 sold out in three seconds.

People are crazy.

I got one! ;D

And Chris was worried they wouldn’t sell. lmao.

Me :smiley:

Maybe this was a selling strategy? Sell fifty, let those fifty people hype it up, then release the massive run after he feels the hype has been generated? (Not that it wasn’t already hyped before release…)

But I think this yoyo is going to sell REALLY well, if today was any indication.

I got one! I’m so hyped!

Yeah, if Chris released a huge amount of yeti’s, you guys wouldn’t have felt the need to rush and immediately buy them the second they dropped.

Good strategy.

(I’m still butthurt about missing these because of an extended game of LoL)

Or this…

I wonder if everyone in line actually got one…

I’m literally crying… I bought it as soon as 10 hit. Yet it says I didn’t get one. I’m so mad idk what to do. I bought a prepaid visa just for this. Now that is 60 bucks down the drain. I am a loyal customer. Ive only been with yoyoexpert for 3 months and have spent over a thousand bucks. I really hope they fix this. If not I’m gone forever…

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Don’t blame YYE… It’s not their fault. Stuff happens. We were all very lucky to get one, and there will be more. It was really luck of the draw. I was lucky to have all my info ready to go, and got one right when the site started to get REALLY slow. Took forever to load the checkout. I thought it would be crazy, maybe not this crazy, but I came ready. I figured there would only be around 20ish, but there were a few more.

Besides, read this! There’s going to be ALOT more of these:


Many people are disappointed as well … No point in crying

I’m blessed that I was able to snag one… I think I got one because I was able to get to my cart quick enough before everything crashed

Your crying? Really? Scope the BST in the next week or 2 people will be selling don’t worry. And they will pop up soon. Chris said there was 1000 made and only 50 were sold here. Don’t worry man…

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No point now. I’ll wait for the colored release.

Or for the colored transition on Ebay.

I got one, pretty stoked to try it out!

It just isn’t fair. He should have gave more! >:(

Chill out man… Its not the end of the world… Just save that $60 prepaid card for the next release. You will be just fine :wink:

I got one, and even after I was done checking out, there were 17 left. Not sure why so many people had issues with getting one.

I mean, I get there were only 50, but if you were prepared…