Yetis are not worth this.

No names. But this is crazy. I own a yeti and maybe its at most worth a non mint one drop but COME ON

Yeah I saw this… It’s insane what people think something is worth just because its not currently for sale. 90% of us can wait a few weeks for the next run…

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I really hope no one pays $120 for one… I REALLY hope they don’t… That’s just…

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No one thinks they are worth that much. That’s why he still has all of them he got from Worlds.


Look on the bright side. Several people got some nice CLYW metals for plastics that people are stuck with now…

If Mr. Peterson is dead set on getting a CLYW Sponsor, he really needs to cut this out. He makes my YoYoJam obsession look normal. Most people know who’s behind this, so there’s really no reason why you should hide the names. It’s all over Facebook.


The Yeti is an in demand yoyo.

If may not be worth $120 to you, but if someone is willing to buy the Yeti for $120, let them.

Matt, he traded a Peak for one HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

That guys a DA

Heard and saw this a while back, stupid stuff, it’s not like the yeti is disontinued…

Yea man I heard about that at Worlds… That’s too bad… WOW… I wonder what will happen when the market is flooded with Yeti’s… hehe

I remember many years ago when Mazda first came out with the Miata. It was supposed to list for about $14.500 something. But because Mazda provided so few to the Dealers, the Dealers out here in California marked them up to 26,500 bucks!

And people were BUYING THEM!

Finally Mazda got So Much negative feedback directly to the Company(not the Dealers, lol), that Mazda started threatening the Dealers to lower the Inflated Gouge type prices to somewhere closer to suggested retail or risk being taken off any kinds of 'favered 'Dealer list.

A guy down the street from me just had to buy one for his Teenage daughter. Had to. Just could not wait!

So hE bought one for about $26,000. They cut him No slack. Told him 6 other people were trying to get the money together for the little red car.

1 … One week later, the Dealer got in 6 more of the Miatas. Sticker price? $14,500 bucks. Mark up? none.

He went back to the Dealer, totally hot under the collar!

What did they tell him? You lose!

People will and do, Scalp anything, including body parts. The only reason this exists is because there are enough ‘gotta hav it’ people to support this behavior.

If… nobody bought Hot TV sets, how many people do you think would be selling Hot TV sets?

No market, no business.

Greedy people count on Stupid people.

I don’t need anything bad enough to pay a Hostage price for it.

These Clowns would not exist without a customer base of some kind.

A Peak for a Yeti? Obviously irreversible Brain Damage.


That’s my quote… :D. But for real, he’s a really nice kid. Noah Bachofen too. If he likes CLYW, let him. If you love YYJ, same deal.

I sort of know the feeling. When I went to buy my 4Runner in 1996(which my wife got into an accident and it was considered totalled in 2008 due to cost of repair vs price of the vehicle), there was a similar thing going on. The 4Runner was the hot SUV. However, dealers were not using abusing mark-ups. I had a lot of options in my vehicle so it ended up costing me $32K because the dealer saw I was willing to walk away at anything above $32K. Most people were getting stuck with screw-jobbing of $2-5K.

As far as the Yeti, I was talking to another retailer. I flat out don’t care for the black. He told me to wait a few weeks for the colored ones. There’s no point in being “First” if being first means I have to have it in a color/colorway I don’t like.

The Rally, on the other hand, I liked the initial release color, and I’m getting a 2nd run one too because I like those colors.

Whatever the Yeti is selling for, that is what I’m willing to pay. We can round UP to the nearest dollar then tack shipping on and I’m fine with that. Patience can and will be rewarded.

Then again, I’m sure some of us are familiar with terms like “let the buyer beware” and “a sucker is born every minute”. If someone wants something bad enough… Heck, even with the collectible toys I go for(read: NOT yoyos), I have pre-set limits to what I’m willing to spend on an item. What someone else’s threshholds is their problem. Sometimes that means I win, sometimes it means I can score a great deal, and sometimes someone is willing to pay more and I lose.

Lol very true yours dosnt seem like an obsession you seem to still throw things other than YYJ. I think he’s actually good too but he’s not going to get a CLYW sponsor unless he magically gets way better than he is. I think he would actually be sponsored if he wasn’t such a fan boy.

I think the CLYW obsession runs in the family or something. I traded my Chief to his brother for a Supernova, Theory, Classic, PSG, and Chaser (best deal ever). Though he really liked the Chief, so I guess it worked out well on both ends.

That’s not the craziest trade IMO. A peak for a yeti is a completely different story.

I like my yeti. I was even tempted to buy one of the 80 dollar sage green ones (I didn’t because well, it’s 80 bucks). But a peak for a yeti? ???

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I think the guy involved who got the Peak traded it for a Cliff and $120 if I recall correctly. So he made a $80 profit and got a Cliff out of the deal.

Like I know I want a Black Yeti really badly but I’m willing to wait for the release instead of paying 3x the price.

Also CLYW is my favorite company.

He got a BBB Cliff and $120. The next day he used that money to buy someone’s dead smooth yeti.