Excited? - AC2, Yeti or Gnarwhal? (Merged)


I’m getting two XD (Purple and Light gray).

The only thing I’m worried about is a “no more than 1 per person limit”. Guess I’ll just have to find out

The colored ones look really good

Chris wants to/needs to sell those things. He won’t limit you. He knows we’re collectors and he’ll let us go to town on that shopping cart! Especially if there’s going to he 100-200 of each color.

I wonder how fast they’ll sell…Need to know if I should be quick

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better safe than sorry imo


250 of each color…

There’s going to be over 500 if your not quick enough that’s your problem. Oh and I’m getting 2 so I have 3 for a competition set. What colors should I get?

Blue and White/gray…

I’m getting a gray one tonight I can’t wait I have been waiting for a while lol even though I was at worlds I didn’t have money at the time but if I was getting another one I would get the purple one!

When are they going up for sale?

No thanks!!

I will not be getting one, saving up for a DS Wrath.

Whats up Bob?! …No Yeti love? Haven’t been on the forums a whole lot lately… but I thought everyone was looking forward to CLYW plastic ??? lol

When, where and what time are these going up?!

That’s the spirit :wink:

Lol I’m going to have 3 soon (Already have a black first run)

Haha yes it is, can’t wait to have one :wink:

$55 for an injection molded yoyo is kind of insulting. Combined with the fact that they need to start selling new yoyos direct because they weren’t making enough money makes me think they have close to no business sense or are in desperate need of an accountant. I’m all for making a profit, as big as possible in fact, i have my degree in economics, but to take such good care of your buddies and teammates with free product and travel that you end up having to raise prices for the hypebeast kids who got you where you are comes off as a bit clumsy and potentially shortsighted. Such a shame because i hear the Yeti is “fun” and for me a fun yoyo is the greatest feeling in the world, but i’ll probably be waiting to experience it i’m afraid as while i have the money, it would bother me.

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