Why are colored Yetis up 4 sell for 80 when the black for 50 still aren't?

Anybody know why there are different color Yetis being sold for 80 dollars when the original run of black ones still aren’t up for sale?

The ones that are $80 are tester colors that Chris had made in very limited quantities to test the dyes. The black Yeti’s are being assembled but he’s trying to make a very big run so they arnt limited. I think he may have pushed those back to release the production color Yeti’s along with the black ones in a very big run.

Or just reason overcharge…

Those were testers for the different colors. They are extremely limited and considered more of a collector’s item instead of an every day throw… not saying I wouldn’t throw the hell out of one if I were given one, it is just all about perception. :slight_smile:

Normal runs of black and colored Yetis will be available in the coming months. Currently Chris is the only employee of CLYW and it is taking time to get them assembled and tested.

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Okay, this makes sense. I didn’t know he was the only guy at CLYW right now. That’s got to suck. I’m looking forward to trying one out when the black releases again. I don’t know why, but I just don’t like any of the colors I’ve seen other than black, and $80 pushes it out of my range for a plastic. If I lived in Canada I would work for CLYW.

Can’t wait to buy one. ;DWish they were at Nats though. I’m gonna have to be patient :stuck_out_tongue:

The hype is wearing off :l

Lol I’m sure it will be back when Chris announces a date.

CLYW is awesome but I can defend $150ish for a Chief a lot more easily than $80 for a plastic even if it’s awesome and rare and never being produced again and whatever else. That said, I’m especially glad the purple sold out before I looked on their store today to stop me from buying it lol

80 bucks?!
Wow…just wow

C’mon… I mean it’s $9.99 cheaper than the OG Peaks were right. :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine assembling a bunch of plastic halves of yoyo’s alone.

What you also have to remember is that the coloured Yeti’s are made slightly differently to the original black ones:

I’m not sure if this filler is more expensive to aquire, but if it is this could explain a slight price increase.

Not a $30.00 obviously, but as Strobyn said, it seems the recent coloured ones were a limited run which explains why people are paying $80.00 for them. Personally, I’d rather get 2 Rallys for that price. =P

I dunno… I get it.

at the height of collectability, a MIP FH1 could easily sell for $60-$80+ (depending on color) with the rarer colors easily being $100+ - and that’s for a FH1.

Or how much do proto/test color Playmaxx yoyos sell for? (It can be an obscene amount)

Don’t get me wrong… I love the FH1 and they will always hold a special place in my heart… but the Yeti outperforms it by a mile and these sweet rare colorways are a steal compared to that.

Considering that these are testers… it makes sense to me.

If it was the regular run… yeah, that’d be a bit offputting… but I think to pre-empt the scalpers and have the money go to the man who deserves it the most - that’s just smart business sense.

Adam B and saintrobyn (or anyone who knows authoritatively), can you educate me on what it involves to assemble and test? Does it take longer than it sounds? 5 min each? 20 min each? Is plastic more time consuming than metal? Clueless here :). Thanks!

I do agree with this. Since people have been buying them and selling them off for 2 or 3 times the price, I can understand Chris doing the same until the next runs come out.

At the end of the day, this is Chris’ job. I’m sure he loves yoyoing and making yoyos, but he also needs to keep a roof over his head and put food in his mouth, which at times may require intelligent (if unpopular) business strategies… especially with the amount he probably paid for that injection mould.

He himself said that if the Yeti flopped, it would pretty much be the end of CLYW, so you can’t blame the guy for trying to milk as much as he can out of it whilst people are still willing to pay.

I understand where this is coming from, and I agree there ARE plastics out there that fetch high numbers


This was not when they came out. it was after a while when people could no longer get them.

I think the main problem people are having is that he put out a couple of the regular run, just enough to get a few out in the wild and make people want them…and then nothing.
EXCEPT, $80 tester colors.

Now I am fine with the test colors going for 80 bucks, Really I am. I’m a sucker for a rare colorway on anything. My main problem is all these test colorways being sold before the regular black ones. I get it, hes the only employee, he only has so much time, etc. How many is he REALLY holding right now to send out? Honestly, send out a few hundred every couple of weeks. You don’t HAVE to drop thousands at once or whatever the magic number is.

He has to break even, he has to pay off the costs. Therefore he is going to do what he can to keep interest as long as possible.

If he had released hundreds so far we probably wouldn’t all still be talking about them. The rarity keeps up the demand, and as long as he keeps up the demand/interest, he’ll be making money. If he can get away with releasing small runs and charging almost twice the price, then why wouldn’t he do so for as long as possible?

There’s a reason why CLYW is one of the biggest companies out there, and that’s because Chris is a very intelligent businessman/marketer, as he is clearly demonstrating.

I can’t say I know all of Chris’s business methods… but as far as timing for assembly/testing… my best guess would be something as follows:

putting stickers over the nubs of the Yeti - 20-25 seconds per yoyo
adding snow-tires - 10-15 seconds to peel, line up, and stick in
screwing in axle - 5 seconds
adding bearing/spacers - 5 seconds
stringing, test throw, test combo, fingernail test, removing string - 1-3 minutes
folding the box/adding the shredded cardboard “nest” - 10-20 seconds
stamping/adding the sticker - 5-15 seconds depending on the model/design of the artwork

Now… granted, the steps are probably a bit more focused at any given time… I doubt Chris does all steps for each yoyo one-by-one and probably prefers to do sessions of assembly, sessions of testing, sessions of boxing etc.

and this is a conservative estimate - so multiply that by 1,000… and that’s a lot of time that needs to be sorted out. Not to mention all the smaller runs of metals that need to get “pushed out the door” and answering e-mails, sponsoring contests, reading news/blogs, site updating, package mailing etc…

and… if he wants to wait to test all 1,000 of them before shipping out the first run, that makes sense - and if he wants to do batches at a time - that makes sense too. It’s up to him.

Also, why he did the special colors before the regular release - hey, why not? no rule that says it has to be done after the regular run. :slight_smile: (personally, I think it actually makes more sense, since in a way, they’re prototypes - just of the colors)

Either way, I am super excited for the full release - I know I can’t wait to have a few white/grey Yeti’s!!

Hope this is helpful! :slight_smile:

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Some of you guys are just Waaaaaay over-thinking this. Actually Chris has a Business model that is nobody’s ‘Business’.

And then you have Haters like Joey Serrano, who wouldn’t care what CLYW odd/does, there is something Wrong with it, lol.

I agree with what Brewster said. Let’s just say that Chris was Sooooooo tired of hearing Joey Whine like a Baby, that he just decided to sell the Yeti test models for a straight up, 40 bucks’, thereabouts?

And… And, he put NO limit on how many a person could buy at 40 something bucks.

They would All be sold in 5 minutes and on their way to Ebay! Lol

Chris knows that, so why should he give the yoze away, when he knows somebody else will make at least as much Instant profit on their markup than the entire stock retail price of the yoyo?

Some of you guys better quit taking Stupid pills. Because they are way too effective.

If you don’t understand Business, than you have No Business taking about other peoples’ methods of Business, you may not care for.

If you don’t like the Price, use your Most Powerful weapon… Don’t buy it!

…? Would you sell a Super Bowl ticket to your next door neighbor if you knew he was just going to sell it to the next neighbor down for 2x the Price?

Chris is just closing out scalpers from making ‘free’ money when he is the guy trying to make the bucks.

Use common sense. Because if you were seeing this correctly, I wouldn’t be typing.

PS… I am not buying one. I understand Chris, but I would not pay that much…so I won’t.


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