Yeti Color

(DarkPirate) #1

Hey did you see the Colors for the Yeti?! I’m so glad they were able to do more then just black. The yeti colors look pretty unique compared to alot of other yoyos. I cant wait to get one!

Does anyone know if the color versions will be available this weekend?


Chris said the players will be throwing those colors. He didn’t say that any would be for sale. CLYW doesn’t have a booth and since the yoyos aren’t in stores yet, you’d have to buy them from team members or someone who happens to have one.


The CLYW Instagram said September/October release for the colour versions.


I’m trying to avoid dark colors. I’ve already taken advice from a reseller that I should wait for brighter colors for the Yeti.

So, no black 1st Run Yeti for me. I’ll go for some other color in a bit. Patience can be rewarded!


Personally, while the colors are nice, I prefer the look of the black Yeti, and I will be desperately panicking to pick one up when it drops on Friday. ;D


Could someone post pictures or direct me towards where to find these pictures/articles?


There’s something called google! Lol jk jk
But yah, noooo i can’t post pics…


Yeah, I figured it would be really hard to find, but it was pretty easy. The colors look cool, they’re very muted. I personally like the black though, but with these being so cheap, I’m probably going to get some colored ones as well.

Link to article for people like me:


Wow, those look like Easter eggs. Not a fan at all of the pastels. I’ll stick with the black, thank you.


Chris posted them on Facebook and Instagram.


The purple white and blue are calling my name… May have 4 Yetis by the time this is all said and done…


Yeaaa Buddy!

(SR) #13

I hate to say this, I really do, but am I the only one who thinks that these aren’t appealing?

The blue Yeti we saw awhile ago… now that… that is a plastic ladies and gentlemen.

These? It looks like someone accidentally spilled paint on them. :confused:


I like it. If I can make a yoyo look cool by spilling paint on it then so be it.


Are you referring to the clear blue one? Then yes, those looked amazing. Kind of like the PSG gem series…

(SR) #16

Yes. Those are incredible. I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat.

I get that, but to me it just looks Cheap. That doesn’t look high quality to me. The clear blue plastic one looks high quality.


That yellow one MiamiBuddha posted is amazing. That seals the deal. I’m getting a black one, and a colored one. Maybe I’ll collect the whole set!


Translucent colors would be freakin’ amazing. I’d have to get one of both kinds I guess.


Chris said he is putting that one on eBay when he gets back from Worlds! It’s going to be expensive, I’m sure. There won’t be many like that because the swirls occur at the end of doing one color then switching to the next, so the colors end up getting mixed.


I’m fairly certain that the clear blue one was the prototype version that Chris was extremely disappointed with because it played terribly due to the plastic not being able to handle the weight distribution of the Yeti. Hence why he started using this new material that some people are just not fond of looks-wise. Personally, I like the muted colors, but not nearly as much as the black. Black is the way to go. Also, I just think it’s neat that I’ve NEVER seen yoyos that look like this… If I want a translucent plastic, I’ve got plenty of choices/. But if I want something that looks like its made out of chalk— The Yeti is it. lol.