It’s here. Pre orders on their site.

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Only $30?!?!

SOLD! Just preordered a Salmon ;D

I know! They said it was gonna be around $45.

Emerald = COPPED

Woo! Just pre-ordered a white! These look fantastic! Can’t wait to throw it!

;D ! Especially after someone calling it Coke Bottle… Had to grab one!
fitting color name! :wink:

yeti blue done!

Dang that thing is huge

I played the Yeti 2 a few weeks ago, still feels very “Yeti.” It’s large and a bit hefty. Fun plastic to chill with, the one I tried was clear.

Got the slammin salmon

OoOH OoOH now I got a photo idea

Did you pre order? Which color?

Nope, I do plan on getting the Cabal though this friday. Otherwise, no yoyos for a while. Saving for upcoming trip and car payments will greet me next month (New car was purchased about 3 weeks ago :slight_smile: ).

Blue yeti here. I’m glad they improved the grind zone. I’m curious to see what they did to the bearing seat. Also anyone know if they will be shipped with a new eight bit bearing?

I believe I heard that it’s the same bearing seat as the Recess First Base, Tyler let them use it.

As long as they got rid of those horrible spacers. Tried getting them apart on the yeti 1 and ended up breaking my yoyo instead. My only question is why is it so big haha

Does anybody have any thoughts on the new yeti coming out soon. pre orders have been pretty successful is what I’ve heard. From what I read from their official website it looks like the first yeti did not live up to the expectations, does anyone who owns or has played with the first yeti know why that is? also if you have tried the first yeti what are your thoughts on it?

Yeah!!! Pre-ordered the Salmon. Awesome color. Blue and white are colors as well but the older I get I need brighter colors. Also, $30 is a great price for Clyw. Then they say it was redesigned shows they care about their customers. We get it earlier than retail. Thanks guys. We know customer oriented companies. That is how you stay in business.

just pre ordered mine in yeti white, got lucky since all the other colors were sold out. Amazing how fast they went.