Excited? - AC2, Yeti or Gnarwhal? (Merged)

Yeah can’t wait.
I am all about it. Gota’ support the new plastic producers when they pop up.

In a few years the world’s currency will be the denomination of yeti’s. Each color a different dollar amount. Get them while you can! :wink:

Took the words out of my mouth, yoyo prices are out of control in general, thats why I.support companies like magic yo and such when ever I can.

Eh, its a yeti.

Or they are making tons of profits pricing a bip bop at close to $200…

And they are making us think they aren’t making enough so they can raise prices (yeti was 40) and ship directly.

#haters well just bought mine

I did as well. Purple on the way to join the black one I already have! As well as an AC2 and Gnarwahl 2 and some of that new string to try out.

got a purple! ;D

I think the prices are ludicrous but whatever, I hate money and like yoyos so I bought a Yeti (and a couple other things…) anyway. The marbled color looks way too cool to pass up. If the Yeti ends up being another swing and a miss like the Rally was for me (couldn’t resist the clear…it was the yoyo I have most wanted to love and been disappointed by in a long time) then I’m sure I won’t lose too much on it on the BST.

Who got grey? Tried but no luck, went with Khaki.

I snagged a purple Yeti and Bubblegum Blizzard Gnarwhal 2…

$185 US Dollars shipped… NO COMPLAINTS HERE…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I got grey and blue and then my mom is going to try to get me a gold Gnarwhal 2 and my dad’s trying to get me and AC2 !

What… I wish my parents did that.

This dumb thing called peer pressure :confused:

Gray yeti is on the way. I could not get my self to pay $190 on a bio bop though…

Let’s wait for reviews and snag a ac2 up on the bst because everybody likes to buy, before try :wink:

I’m interested to see how I feel about the AC2 and Gnar2 as well.

AC is tied with the Cascade as my favorite/best for me all time throw. The shape of the AC2 appeals to me slightly more than the original did and I think I’ll love the weight. I’m a little concerned that the dimensions are quite a bit different but that is something I just won’t know how I feel about until it’s actually in my hand.

It took me ages to stop hating the original Gnarwhal and even now it’s certainly not one of my favorite yoyos. This rehaul looks promising and I absolutely love the Quake which has similar dimensions so I figured I’d give this midsize throw a try. Plus I’ve wanted a Fire Blizzard colorway return top for a while and this gave me an excuse to get one (got a Blizzard AC2 since I didn’t have a regular Blizzard yet either).

If I hadn’t discovered the will power to start letting some throws go on the BST I never would’ve purchased the Gnar2 but now knowing that I can get rid of it if I don’t care for it I don’t mind picking something up that can either be traded for something of equal value or sold at a loss of a few bucks. This whole cutting down on spending thing isn’t going very well for me though…

Well in all fairness, most of us can’t do otherwise. It’s not like I can walk around the corner and find an AC2 (or any other yoyo in existence for that matter) to try!

I managed to pick up a grey and purple one–grey mainly to switch halves with a black one, and purple because it looks great! I’m debating as to whether to purchase another one of their new models. That Snowday Gnarwhal sure looks tasty, but the AC2 also looks great.

I got one are they sold out?

Not yet.

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Got a Purple and a Coconut coming my way. Quite excited to say the least.