Excited? - AC2, Yeti or Gnarwhal? (Merged)

Got myself a nice light grey Yeti :wink:

Im excited for the yeti

I personally picked up a Blizzard AC2 i can not wait until it arrives! Who else got there hands on the first part of the 2014 releases?

Theyve been released already?

yea! The first run was just released at 9:00 est

I bought 2 Yetis one blue and one grey! Then my moms getting me a Gold Gnar and Purple Yeti for XMAS and my dad’s getting me an AC2 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. I contacted Chris. Apparently people were leaving them in their carts and not checking out. He responded right away and took care of it.

Makes sense but yes very excited too!!


I’m assuming at their website.

I bought a purple and a light gray ;D ;D ;D

AAaaand, it looks like a mod updated my Title lol :wink:

Snagged a light grey yeti! So stoked.

I gotta wait till Christmas though… But whatevs :smiley:

You have to look at it from a completely different perspective.

The mark-ups on yoyos that WE buy can be as much as 200% or MORE based on what the reseller paid for it.

If more of those dollars can land in CLYW’s pockets, then so be it. We also have to look at the fact that plastic injection molding dies are extremely expensive, and I’m sure CLYW “took it in the rear” on that. I think right now, CLYW is looking for what they hope is a short term problem and are looking for a fast fix to resolve the issue. The issue? Not a lot of cash on hand. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad business practices, I think it’s just not looking more long term, combined with what I think was not looked at to be a long term issue.

I have a feeling that after a few runs being dropped at CLYW, I think it will go to back to a distribution model but with higher wholesale prices to retailers, stricter MSRP and MAP prices and a greater effort t retain control over what he wants his products to sell for.

$55 for a plastic yoyo? I just paid for one. Do I feel it’s over-priced? I have to say: Absolutely YES without a second of hesitation. Comparing the Yeti to the Rally, well, sorry, it’s Rally all the way.

I also ended up paying the top tier prices for the Gnarwal 2(Red Fish Blue Fish) and AC2(28 Stories, should have gone concrete blizzard as my second choice). Clearly, CLYW likes being above the $120 price point they used to be at.

When all is said and done, I do like the products so far produced by CLYW. I honestly hope they are able to endure. It would be a shame to see them go under. I really want the best for CLYW, as I do for nearly all yoyo companies.

I think I’m getting a fire blizzard AC2 for my birthday.

Picked up a purple one. Its the most I have spent on a yoyo in about 6 maybe 7 years.

Wow, you’re one lucky guy!

I’ll buy one for sure once I can get some cash. And then probably another for Christmas along with a second rally.

I know right! My birthdays in January too so I might be able snag a Puffin 2 and Bonfire :slight_smile:

I picked up a light gray yeti. I’ve been really into plastics lately and I couldn’t see how I couldn’t get one.