CLYW Yeti Release Discussion Thread - Another 200 going to be Released...

Agreed with all of the above. If they would just set a release date people could plan their schedules around it instead of literally having to sit infront of their computers all day long.

What? I’m not alone? YAY!!!

They were all saying to set up notifications for Twitter for when it dropped, and I did, but I still didn’t even get a notification. Didn’t help that I was at work all day, so it’s not like I can actually watch it.

I think it is a cool concept to stagger and give random releases. Sure its not ideal for everyone but thats the point. They wanted to put some luck into it give more people a chance to get they’re hands on one.

Yeah, but that’s artificial, manufactured luck. And there’s already a more balanced luck involved with predetermined release times for popular stuff like this, as they go extremely quick, and you’re racing other buyers and the servers trying to snag one.

I can agree to them doing the staggered release, as even with preset release times it doesn’t always work out to give everybody a fair shot. And I can even agree to having one, maybe two, of the releases be these “yeti sighting” social media posts. But having all 3 be random timing kinda sucks for a lot of people. Predetermined countdowns give everybody as fair of a chance as you’re going to get, so it’s kind of erroneous to say that this method allows some people to get one that might not otherwise. Even with these random releases, you’re still going to be reaching other people and the servers.

I’m also in the boat of twitter notifications not working for me on the first round, which makes it a guessing game if they don’t work again tomorrow.

That being said, in the end, it’s yoyoexpert’s decision on how to release them, so what they say is fair goes, I can’t complain that much. If I can’t snag one, then hopefully this new influx will drop BST pricing to reasonable levels.


Unfortunately, when 1,000 people want something and you only have 200 of them, there is no solution that isn’t going to leave a lot of people unhappy.

If you set a release time, people get upset because they are working or in another time zone. If you do a random release, people get upset that it wasn’t a set date. If you do a lottery system, people get upset about however you dole out the tickets. There is literally no way to dole out a limited quantity of something without bumming someone out.

The only thing we can really do is make more, so that’s what we’re working on doing. We are working now on a redesign for the Yeti that will make it better playing and easier to produce. Once that is done we’ll be able to produce as many as people want, and won’t have all these problems with the design and supply. This release is just leftover parts from the first production run that we’re trying to make available for fans and collectors. If you aren’t able to get one, don’t sweat it…the next version will be even better. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support, and good luck with tomorrow’s Yeti sighting!


any idea on how long the other one new improver version of the yeti will take?

I am thankful YYE is giving all of us who missed a second chance. This time Mr Fumble Fingers (me) will make sure I enter my name correctly and that auto correct doesn’t decide to give me a new way of spelling my name. Yes, I was literally on the final confirmation page…3 times…and 3 different fails.

Moving forward, since I use Twitter (somewhat), Instagram, and FB, I set Twitter up to notify me when YYE posts the second wave. Hopefully my bosses don’t flip out when I suddenly stop working and run to my computer to order another yoyo :slight_smile:

Man I don’t like this random system. This happened with mystery box and the thing was they did gave a time to look between this 2 hours so that was 3 am in India but this yeti drop dkwas 5 am in India so I might get a chance to buy in 2nd chance but I might not.

That about sums it up!

Sorry to hear a few people are unhappy, we think this is a pretty fun and fair way to release the Yeti. With such high demand and limited stock there’s always going to be some people that don’t get what they want and there’s really no way to avoid that. Still two releases left though, so good luck to everyone still trying to pick up a Yeti!

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Just got a fresh bag of popcorn. #yummy

GG. I’m eating granola #angry

Been sitting in front of my computer for 2 1/2 hours now #Board

I will sit here all day though


“Fun” is one thing. “Convoluted” is another.

This release is the latter.

Not beating a dead horse, just my 2 cents.

i see people saying they got green yetis, are they just referring to the khaki color or did clyw actually surprise us with green yetis?

there reffering to khaki idk why they think its green

I don’t see how it’s convoluted. Thursdays release happened. There will be another release at a random time today, and a final release at a random time tomorrow. Pretty straight forward.

CLYW released them as Khaki originally, but they looked green to whoever counted them here so they got labeled green. Same color.

I’m with you

What Color are you going for?

I’m gonna go make a sandwich real quick

YYE Don’t you dare release the yetis in the next 5 minutes