Another Yeti thread...

Chris gets a good night’s sleep for a change?


I don’t know, but I’m sure that if CLYW goes out of business everyone will find another company to freak out about their prices. Nice that CLYW has taken some of the heat off YoYoRecreaction and Something, though. I bet those guys send him a nice fruit basket for Christmas. Ha ha

I am going to once again publicly state that I love my Yeti and I have played with it more than any other throw since acquiring it from YYE in August. Best $40 I’ve ever spent. I use it more than either Rally, more than my Prestige, Shutter, Format:C, BvM2. In my opinion the Yeti rocks. In terms of “is it worth it,” the Yeti cost me $40 and I’ve played it more than any of the four or five $100+ throws I’ve purchased in the last 3-4 months. So by that standard it may as well have cost me $400-$500. And it would have been worth it because I use it, I love it, and I’m getting my money’s worth out of that return top.

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I have played a first run for a EXTENSIVE amount of time…

If you dislike the Yeti as much as you seem to why would you waste your time playing it for an extensive amount of time?

Because it was a yeti. I didn’t dislike it the first time.

And its not bad, but id rather pay the extra $5 for something with metal rims, dead smooth, and other parts…

Gotcha. Thanks. :wink:

It’s still all opinion based

Coming in here and saying the yeti isn’t good is something of your opinion. If you had said something like “I’d really prefer a shutter over the yeti because it fits my preferences” then it’d be fine but you came in here just to say it’s a bad yoyo.

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So, he should not state his opinion clearly and succinctly so that we all understand? Instead, he should sugar-coat his dislike for the yoyo by using a meaningless contrast with another yoyo that has nothing to do with the original discussion?

I would rather hear their real, honest opinion about the Yeti.

I would rather we not get another thread every time someone decides to have an opinion on the Yeti. :expressionless:

Can’t we have master threads by model somewhere that people can just wah wah wah all they want, good or bad, without cluttering up the general board with it?

Actually, shouldn’t this thread be in Reviews?

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[quote=“Steve Brown,post:29,topic:61114”]
No, is he reviewing it? No…

So excited to reply, you just cannot contain yourself eh? Take an adult minute and hit review to make sure your quotes are working.

This place is like a daycare sometimes.

I’m not a very good yoyo player but I don’t understand how so many people have played so many bad yoyos. I’ve spent more money on more yoyos than I care to think about or count and I haven’t bought a single bad one yet. Plenty that weren’t for me, but no bad ones. Guess I’ve just been lucky.

I know this thread is about $40ish yoyos but these threads are all the same whether they’re ragging on the Yeti or complaining about CLYW prices or talking up the Shutter or whatever. A dude posted a video in the $1 yoyo thread of himself busting out a combo better than anything I can do on a ONE DOLLAR yoyo. One dollar. One hundred pennies. The guys who have won Worlds the past few years are more likely to win Worlds again with an $8 ONE this coming year than any active forum poster is with a Dazzler (and >90% active posters probably absolutely blow me out of the water)

I hope the Yeti gets a full release soon. Not because I want one but because I hope in a few months we can focus on the new flavor of the quarter low-mid price yoyo. I’m bored of reading about the Shutter, Rally and Yeti.

The only reason I even mentioned the shutter was because he mentioned it in his original post as a comparison. I don’t feel that it’s necessary to come into a thread that’s not even discussing the play of the yoyo but instead it’s pricing and tell us how bad the yoyo played. I’ve seen enough reviews of people saying they liked it to know that it’s indeed not a bad yoyo but instead a yoyo not suited for that person.