This will start some debate!!!!


If you are only going to buy one…











But in all seriousness, I’d rather have the Rally.




I’d like to hear the answer from someone who has played both the Yeti and the Rally. Most of you are probably answering without having tried both.


I second this. To all of you who said rally, how does the yeti play?


Played both, liked the Rally better. I own a Rally and I’m getting a Yeti at Worlds. They’re both great, don’t get me wrong, I just prefer the Rally.

(CaribouNick) #10

Machined plastic vs. molded plastic.
Very different products.
I assume the Rally plays as well as a Protostar, if not better.
I played the Yeti for a while. It played like a metal.
I’m hoping they produce a pink Rally.

But I’m getting both.


Rally, I just like the look of it better.


Then why would you buy the Yeti if you already have the yoyo you prefer?

(kclejeune) #13

I’ve played both, and I own a rally as well. I love them both. I’m not really sure which I’d pick if I had to choose. I love the play of the rally to death, and I’m very used to it now. However, the Yeti felt just like a chief to me which is downright awesome too. You can’t go wrong with either one, so I say GET BOTH for the price of one metal.


He didn’t say that he disliked the Yeti, he only said he liked the Rally better. He probably enjoys the Yeti too.

As for the question of “Yeti or Rally?”…if I get one, I will get the other. But it will probably be a LONG while before I get them. Like, maybe the 6/6/14 (National YoYo Day Sale). There are other yoyos that I would much rather get currently.


Is it fair to say if u like the chief better than the code 2 u will like the rally better than the yeti and vice versa?


No, if you liked the chief better than the code 2, assuming the rally is like a code 2, the yeti would be better, since he thought it played like a chief…


I think you meant to ask “if you like the CODE2 over the Chief will you like the Rally over the Yeti?” The answer to that question would be no. The Rally and the CODE2 play totally different like night and day different. One could find the CODE2 not to their liking and absolutely LOVE the Rally. I own both and I have owned a Chief. I am looking forward to owning a Yeti. Of the three I do own, I would say the Rally is tops on the list. That is by no means a slam on the CODE2 or the Chief, I just prefer the Rally and have found myself grabbing it more than any other when I am in between reviews.

(WildCat23) #18

I smell BS. They are all completely different yoyo’s. The only thing similar, is that they have similar profiles.


oops, messed up in editing.


Yes, but it wasn’t me saying the Yeti is like the chief or the rally is like a code 2. I was just assuming he’s likening a rally to a code 2, and kclejeune was the one who said the yeti is like a chief.