I love the Rally

Seriously can’t get over how great this throw is. So ridiculously fun. I own a lot of super high-end yoyos, but i’ve been throwing the Rally all week, just feels great. Anyone else? Surprised i haven’t seen more threads of impressions. Can’t wait to pick up more colors and styles as they come out.

I was hoping to hear more peoples’ impressions of the Rally too. I’m still itching to pull the trigger on one while there still a few left.

It’s TOTALY amazing! I love mine, but both mine and my friends bearings were loose and unuseable.

I’m ordering one now and i want to order a kitty string pack…what will you recommend? fat or normal?

I can echo Nathan’s enthusiasm for the Rally. I have been blown away by the smooth play the Rally gives. It’s an incredibly fun player that easily performs at a level of top of the line metals with triple the price tag! I’ve had trouble persuading myself to even pick up another yo-yo since my Rally came in the mail.

(I too did switch out the stock bearing shortly after I received my Rally.)

Fat. But seriously someone buy my YYR Six so I can get a Rally.

I’m with NathanC…

When you put together the fact that it’s plastic YoYo merged with metal weight rings, and then add in the price, it clearly represents an effort that took some time on the drawing board.

We all know that it’s been attempted before by other reputable companies, but I would say that they that One Drop has schooled us all as to just what can be dome with plastic and metal, and keeping the cost to a real minimum, yet still producing a Top Drawer YoYo.

I’m impressed…Great Job to the guys in Eugene !! :wink:

NICE!!! Glad you like it…

Chris and I have been raving about it for a few weeks!!! It is the best plastic yoyo on the market.

What’s wrong with the bearings? Aren’t they the normal 10-Balls?

That’s basically all I’ll use in size C these days… Never had an issue.

It is a 8 Ball… Not bad at all…

Huh, weird that they make one of the best flat bearings out there and still toss standard 8-balls into their yoyos.

I figured there couldn’t be anything wrong with it. Was seriously doubting the guy who said it was unusable earlier in the thread.

I tried one today at Ohio states and it was definitely amazing. It didn’t even feel like a normal plastic, it felt better. One of the best plastics I’ve tried and hopefully I’ll get one in the future.

It is only on the Rally and Cafe Racer to keep the cost down.

Seriously though its a really good 8 ball. Like the gen yo AIGR. But really. A 10 ball is only 8 bucks…

That “Other Guy” would be me. The bearing that came in one of the two I bought made more noise than a busted chainsaw. Despite my best efforts to clean and lube it, it just was a bad bearing. No big deal, I have plenty of bearings, but make no mistake about it, the stock bearing in mine was bad.

In a $45.00 YoYo, my expectation was not that high to begin with. I’m thrilled with the YoYo, but I’m sure they made up a bit for the price in the bearing. Which I’m sure explains why they didn’t offer the 10 ball.

I do not want this to reflect on my feelings about the Rally though, it’s a phenomenal YoYo. ;D

Meh i put a concave in it before even throwing it. Would rather them not spend extra on a 10-ball since there’s basically no difference and most people don’t seem to play with flat bearings much these days anyway.

once mine starts going it like spins out vibrating and comes back.

10 Balls are at most $2-$3 from a supplier so it would put the yoyo so that would put it at about $50. $45 just sounds better :slight_smile:

Matt is correct, have been mad raving about mine. Such a great yo-yo. I guess I must warn you, if you gush too much you are bound to get hate mail like I did for my Rally review. ;D

Here is what I got from user “Mr. Difficult” over at High Speed:

I laughed it off and told the young man that if he was so offended he is invited to stop visiting the site. :slight_smile:

Now back on to the Rally. I spent part of the day at Ohio States today and must have had about a dozen people ask about it. Every time they asked how it played I would hand it over and no one had a critical word to say about it. About the ONLY negative was “green isn’t my thing, I’ll wait for a different color”. I even let one of the judges play with it, he gave a couple approving looks while playing it before saying it “has a great weight to it”. ;D

I ordered mine the second it dropped, but I’ve been vacationing in New York for a week. I’ll be home later today and, barring any mail thievery, I’ll get to try it out.