One Drop presents the Rally


Three years in the making: One Drop presents the Rally - a premium performance plastic yoyo made in the U.S.A.

*58mm diameter
*66.5 grams in weight
*wing shaped - inspired by the CODE2
*Marbleized catch zone for superior grinds
*estimated retail price $45

One Drop team members will have them at BAC this weekend. Find them if you want to try it.

Releasing soon!


Now that looks stunning!!!


This looks great. I’m so excited for this. Quick question are those Side Effects I see? Or is that just a metal hub. On the second picture on yoyoskills it looks like side effects.


According to their Facebook account, no side effects.


Well this seems like an appropriate time to just say Paul Dangit.


woah. delrin or celcon?


Sign me up!




Hey I won’t be at BAC so if y’all could just send one my way :wink:




I expect that over time you could theoretically polish the catch zone smooth again (losing a grinding texture). However, there are tutorials around for putting a “satin” texture on polycarb so it won’t be the end of the world.

In the 3 years of design and testing, did you find the catch zone getting “polished”?


Mold then machine. That’s how we achieve the marbleized catch zone.


Awesome! That is probably the sleekest and most classy looking yoyo that I have ever seen.


That looks like a must have. Any release date yet?


Price, anyone? One Drop’s metals are usually a bargain anyway, so I’m guessing this baby will be a steal…


Right there in Paul’s post: $45 erp


They will be on YYE right?

(WildCat23) #18

Shocked face


Same price as the YYF Severe. Seems a tad light for my taste. What colors will they come in…just blue?


Whereas I saw the lightness and though, “Good! Something different from what I already have!” (full-sized and a sliver underweight)

Hope there’s more than just blue available. It’s a great blue, but polycarb provides a whole lot of colour options.