I got my rally today.


And I was like…
Wait, no. Doesn’t work.


That does not look like the best of ideas…


They were so close, but they didn’t make it fit…


HEHE Well you do know they were not MADE to fit!!!

SE’s are tapered while the press fit Rally hubs are not…


WHY??? Oh well… the things on the rally go in my cascade and screw in together, but there is like no bearing seat…


It says it in the product description on the Rally that they are press fit… I don’t think One Drop intended to have them be like Side Effects… Although there will be Rallies in the future with different shaped hubs…


yeah, I know… But I wish they could take them.


Does your Rally vibe more than it did originally now?




So there is no little o ring around the inserts like the SE?? Because if not I am not picking one up. They need to release a rally with full on side effects. I am not buying a rally because of this. Ill pay the extra money as long as it isn’t like 15$ extra or something like that. And I added the part at the end in case a OneDrop guy sees this. I buy a ton of yoyo’s but what is a OneDrop nowadays without Se’s??


Super jealous of Pancakes Cascade, if my eyes are correct. ;D


nope, don’t fit, I was just like, “I wonder if these come out…”

Your eyes are working correctly.


Nope no O ring… Again it was not designed to be a Side Effect yoyo. I would think that if they went full on Side Effect’s it would have brought the price up a bit.


no side effects mean no weight changes or RSMs or…


According to your profile, your favorite yoyo is the Nessie. What is your favorite set of side effects for that yoyo?

Let’s also say, this is a plastic yoyo. There is no history of SE’s on a plastic yoyo ever before, so why does this have to have them? It is still the best plastic I’ve played.

I’ve talked about this before too, but you don’t need to change the weight of your yoyo twice a day. If a yoyo doesn’t meet your preferences, you can play with it a bit, find a setting you enjoy more. And then you leave it. Done. Thanks for playing.


because this is one drops first plastic and they make SEs. Yes, my profile says the Nessie, but, my cascade is my second favorite yoyo. I like it with the domes the best. I can agree that it does not need them, but it would be better if it had them


Because we all want plastics we can basically hubstack and change the center weight on. The totally rim-weighted PGM was like the best yoyo ever, right?


I honestly thought side effect were the reason for all the smoothness. Don’t the o rings in the SE’s act like bushings for the axle assembly and thats why onedrops with SE’s are so smooth. Please correct me if I am wrong so i stop thinking this. :slight_smile:


well, you can sorta adjust how tight it is and sorta tune it… Sorta…


The sole purpose of the SideEffects o-ring is to keep the SE in place during the first assembly. After that, mechanical friction does the work. The reason for not putting SideEffects in the Rally is simple, those features can’t be molded in accurately enough for our needs and the plastic would not be strong enough to hold the SE without eventually distorting.