Side effect ideas

I was wondering if you guys had any cool ideas for the side effects axle system. I’ll start it off with my idea, hub stack side effects :slight_smile:

They have all ready been made…

They are called “RSM’s”

Those are rare, right?

Yes; they are rare. I think they only made one run of RSM’s. Please correct me if that is wrong.

How about a indented side effect like the hub on the General Yo prestige. Like one that allows for finger spins. I think that would be cool.

Already in the works.

I just want them to make a cafe racer with them. Although a spike that’s a little longer about the size of the spikes on a SPYY. Also the ability to make side effect type things for the rim instead if center would be awesome.

I’d love a flashy set of discs made out of Ti. I feel like a bit more could be done with the disc’s shape to allow more weight pushed to the middle of a throw to allow a very floaty and slightly more stable option simply by changing the side effects.

But, I can’t say I’ve actually worked it out or anything. ::slight_smile:

What about rsm spikes? Like the extra long hub stacks that yyf once had with spikes on the end.

Or at-least make a place for the side effects to be on the Cafe Racer. I really wanted it but it is too light for my taste. With some side effects, that would really boost it up on the weight.

Cheeto side effects.

Whistling side effects. Balloon side effects.

Side Effects is an axle system. You couldn’t have SE’s as an option. The yoyo either has SE’s or not.

How about “Flavor Stick” Side Effects? It would be a cylinder that protrudes out of the cup, and you coat it with a flavor powder of your choice, and while the yoyo is spinning, you place it on your tongue. BOOM. Instant flavor while yoyoing.

Bigcat, thats amazing.

I think they should have cooler colorways. I always see red or black SEs, they should have rainbow,cheetah ( ;)),splash (noticable splash) etc etc etc.

I thin meant make one that has se’s as an option.


I wouldn’t doubt it. All it would take is shallow bowl shaped SE,

There’s been some discussions over at the One Drop forum about potential side Effect designs…I’d suggest you check it out…


Yes, I was reading that thread last week… Very innovative designs you’ve posted up there DB. I especially like the cylindrical bowl shape design you came up with.

I would really like to see some RSM Spikes. This seems to be something people would like to see, with it being suggested here, and over at the OD forums.