What is a side effect ?

Does they Work like hubstacks?
Its better a yoyo with side effects?

Side Effects are an axle system that allow you to easily change the weight and appearance of the yoyo. They are used on many One Drop yoyos.

Thank you hey does the side effect have ball bearing ( like hubstacks )

No it does not. They are just there to change the weight and looks of the yoyo.

To expand on that a bit more-- where there are normally threads for your axle in a yoyo half, yoyos that use side effects basically have a hole. It’s a hole of a certain dimension, but a hole nonetheless.

The side effects are a tight press fit into these holes, providing the threads for the axle while at the same time allowing different designs (which affect both weight and appearance) in the cup.

They DID make a hubstack-like side effect called the RSM (Rotating Side Member) but as far as I can tell it is no longer available new.

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Thanks what a shame theres no more RSM


Dude, it’s ONE REPLY above hers!!!

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Meh. RSMs are soooo heavy.

I need to get my hands on some stunt pegs.