what exactly do you do with side effects?


This probably sounds stupid… But how else am I going to learn! Anyway, im not 100% sure what side affects are for (also Is it side effects or affects?) do they just add rim weight or do they kinda serve as hub stacks (im pretty sure they dont) or what? And are there different types or just different sizes? Thanks


No such thing as a stupid question. We all have to start somewhere. Okay, so side effects (with an ‘e’) are a special sort of axle system. They come in a bunch of different shapes, weights and colours. They don’t really do much to the rim weight but they do change the centre weighting of the yoyo which, in turn, effects the overall weight distribution of the yoyo and change the way it plays. There is one kind of side effect that work the same way as hubstacks called rotating side members (RSM for short) but I don’t think they’re made any more and are tough to find.

Hope that answers your questions.



Side Effects (SE’s for short) basically change the weight of the yo-yo. This makes it to where you can change the overall weight distribution making it fit more to your liking. There are many types of Side Effects they are listed here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/347/One-Drop-Side-Effects

The heavier the Side Effect is the heavier the yo-yo is. This in turn changes the overall feel of the