Onedrop side effects

Ok just got my first Onedrop yoyo the 2014 benchmark and side effects suppose to be like hubstacks that spin freely cause I just got it and they aren’t spinning freely… how do I fix this?

Side effects are for weight distribution, not to be used like hubstacks.

Side Effects are not the same as hubstacks. SE’s are a changeable axle system. It allows you to simply change the appearance of your yoyo, or change the overall weight of the yoyo. Different SE’s weigh different, and some have different styles to them.

One Drop did, in the past, make some RSM(rotating side members) which were their version of Hubstacks.

do they still sell some of these?

if you search around, you might be able to find some RSM’s (hubstack side effects) but they usually are not under $75 :o

I think the last set I found the guy wanted $150! Previous set was $85.

ouch… ok thanks. /: well I am sure it will still be a great yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue: just disappointing a bit and not what was expecting. :stuck_out_tongue: but since it is my only splash yoyo it is awesome! thanks all for you help! :smiley:

Thanks for supporting us! I’m just curious, if you don’t mind, what led you to this expectation?

Well it was a few things they looked a bit like hubstacks and since they were on the axle in a similar way I thought they were the same also I thought that anti-yos side effects were hubstacks and when I found out they were made by you guys it only made me think it even more. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus I wouldn’t even think about side effects being so big as just for show or for weight! XD

P.S. You guys need to check your chat more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was lucky to get my RSMs for $50 (about 6 months ago), they do show up on the BST occasionally - word of warning though, they are heavy adding about 12g total to the weight of the yo-yo.

The Shop Cam chat?

yep. :stuck_out_tongue: