Side effects?

I’ve hear of these when it comes to one drop. But what are these things? I have heard they affect the Yoyo.

The side effect is an interchangeable hub system invented and owned by OneDrop yoyos in which you can change out the Hub area to give the yoyo different weights/looks. Very useful for getting a yoyo to play just how you like it.

As as been said. But, to add to it:

Instead of buying a whole new yoyo, you can just buy different side effects and alter the performance. Much cheaper. Also, because the side effects system is an axle system, if you strip the axle, pop a new side effects set in there.

There’s more than just One Drop that used side effects. The Eternal Throw Victory uses them, as does many Anti-Yo yoyos. The side effects are completely interchangeable.

I also know people who make their own side affects and are planning to sell them


Did they get permisson?

More then likely they did. I know the guy who created Torxs got permission.

I certainly hope so