Side Effects

Since I can’t try them out first I would at least like to know the general opinion around here.

I think that the general consensus is that they are liked. They NEVER strip, plus they give you the option to modify how your yoyo plays.

I like the whole concept of side effects. You can customize the yoyo better to your liking. Rather than buying a bunch of expensive yoyos(which you’ll do anyways), you can make your yoyo different with a relatively low cost option. Plus, if you strip the axle, just swap out the side effects.

I prefer most of my Code1 yoyos that use side effects as they come stock. However, the Code 2, which I have 2 of, I have one stock and the other with the disc side effects. I like the disc side effects better. I also wish the disc side effects were maybe half a centimeter longer to push more weight to the outside.

Also, by choosing different colored side effects, you can choose to mix and match with your yoyo, helping customize and personalize your yoyo as well. The aluminum spikes in my blue 54 look sweet!

I voted YES supporting Side Effects because I too think they are just ever so amazing…honestly I think adding SideEffects could only improve ANY yoyo made.

Yes youll never have to worry about a stripped axle.

Also I have read a lot of convincing info about the sfx saddle (that the bearing mounts on) being of a higher precision than normal saddles that are actually part of the entire yoyo.

You can get different weights, different designs…they even have a lego sfx so you can attach pretty much anything you want to it (not that theres a good reason to do so).

My electric blue 54 with the silver spike sfx is probably the most fierce looking throw I’ve ever seen. The spikes are practically like Spartacus chariot wheel spikes.

I’m a HUGE fan of the SE’s! I don’t know how many times I have thrown something, wishing for just a tad little more weight, or a little less - but they’re not SE… can’t do squat!

I have multiples of the same throw, yet each with a different SE config… I love being able to dial it in…

I happen to like the Side Effect system, I just don’t like any of the yoyos they are featured in. The 54 was as close as I could get, but that was way too light (don’t even start on the “side effects change the weight, just do that!” thing. I already tried, and this yoyo doesn’t work well when it’s run heavy for me.). I think I might like the Cascade, though.

I vote yes because they can completely change your yoyo to how ever you like.

I have been playing with the spikes in my Code 2 for about 2 weeks and just recently bought some new side effects. I got the discs and the ultra lights. First I put in the discs and it’s a whole different yoyo! It becomes a heavy floaty beast. I love the discs. Then I tried out the ultra lights and it made the yoyo a very fast player.

EDIT: Ghost and I have handled our dilemma quite well, and have been editing our posts accordingly. Sorry about that!

Well, allow me to bring back the love…
Anti-Code2? #Code2 Love Button? NickelZilla Code2? #todaysthrow @onedropdesign by ebilflindas, on Flickr

^Pure beauty!

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I vote yes. For multiple reasons.
One being that i am an Unabashed fan of One drop through and through. I am a fan of their yoyos, and everything they stand for. That and they are real close to where I live, and they are all super awesome guys.
Two, it’s just pure genius.
Genius in it’s simplicity, and genius in it’s implementation.
The idea is simple. A changeable axle system that changes the weight, look, and play of the yoyo. Simple enough. But, there’s more to it than that.
There are so many other consequences that came with the implementation of this system though. Smoothness, ease of access, stripping prevention. The o-ring shock absorbing (true or not). Whether they were intended or unintended i don’t know. But it equates to pure brilliance either way.
I don’t think that they would work nearly as well if certain other manufacturers starting using them though. Say for example, a Chief or Sasquatch with side effects would be just wrong. Same with a SPYY or X-cube or any others. I’ve tried the Side effect enabled Anti-yos and didn’t care for them much. They are One drop through and through, and every other yoyo they release with or without them just… Works. I don’t know how, but it does.
Hat’s off to One drop for the hugest innovation in yoyoing since… Well… The C-size bearing?maybe?
I don’t know.
But they are awesome.