Side Effects


I was wondering what everyones favorite side effects were. So post them here.


looks at other thread like this

smiles, nods, walks away


looks at other thread like this

smiles, nods, walks away


He/she probably didn’t know there was another thread. I like the Ultra Light ones.


Whatever is stock in the yoyo works best for me.

I do like having a Code 2 set up with disc side effects though. I keep one that way, the other kept stock.


Really like Code 1 side effects on the Code 2.


Spikes or domes.


Spikes and Anti-Yo hearts


Spikes FTW!


Spikes are good…


Side Effects for me are much less esthetic, and much more for the addition or subtraction of weight to a particular YoYo. The favorite Side Effect for me is the one that would create the best weight for the throwing experience I’m trying to create.


I can agree. It was black code 1 side effects until I found the brass spikes and they are perfect in every way.


i have brass spikes on my summit




Spikes because spike tricks


For now, spikes all day long!

But I’d be totally willing to try weight variations. I mean, I don’t think it’s worth it given the choice between spikes and domes. 3.2g vs. 3.0g? Not worth your effort. But when you’re talking 7g vs. 3.2 g, that’s significant. Alas, I don’t have any ultralights, brass side effects, or discs to try for properly testing the weight thing.


I am a huge Ultra Light fan. I like more weight away from the center and on the rim. As for looks the UL’s just have that classic One Drop look from the M1-Y Factor era (when I began collecting)

I only have domes on one yoyo and that is the 54 Al Domes. And Dietz SE’s on my Dietz. I tried all of the SE options on the Dietz and for some reason they are a match made for eachother.

My main SE yoyos that I throw and the Summit, CODE2 and Cascade all yoyos that in my opinion play best with UL’s (I prefer a yoyo not going over 67 grams)


Gimme me brass spikes.


Agreed, got them on my Nickle Cascade… Beauty!