SiDe EffecTS, which are best?

So yea I’m getting a HazMat and this is my first side effect enabled yoyo. I was wondering what side effect people liked the most. And also in thr comments you can put what colors would go with an all orange Toxic Yoyo HazMat. 8)

It comes with black spikes.
I’ve played mine with ultralights and really like that hub to rim weight ratio
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Oh yea it’s you man! I love your reviews, but like I’m still deciding on heavier or like you said, the ultra light SE’s becuase of the rim weight and hub weight ratio

It really depends, which is what is so great about the side effects.

Due to lack of side effects, I play my Code 1 with ultralights. My 54 has aluminum spikes and the brass domes but I like the look AND feel of the aluminum spikes best. My Dietz is stock.

I have a Code 2 coming in soon, stock. I also have worked out a deal to obtain a DANG and it will come with stock and an extra set of side effects.

It appears I like things stock, but it’s nice to have the option to easily change things up.

I’m mostly playing it with the spikes these days. It’s such a great system though, so easy to switch them out.
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