Aren't side effects the greatest thing ever!?!

I put some ultralights in one of my Code 2’s, and its like a whole new throw!!! Thanks OD!!!

Yes, they are. Ultralight for the win.

brass ultralights for the double jeopardy win.

edit… indeed they are quite awesome… imagine if every jojo had them… reviews would be rendered almost obsolete, becuase you could customize almost every throw to your preference…

right now im running viszilla heart SE’s in my nickel dang. never know what works until you try it, and i havent come across a better combo yet.
se’s are amazing.

Oh yes. Best innovation in yoyoing for a loooong time in my opinion… And yes, Code 2+ultralights =absolute win.

They are a huge innovation, and not just because they allow for a customization of weight.

Has anyone else here tried stunt pegs :wink:

They are way more then just weights! Like rod said … “huge innovation”. I have been designing a prototype yoyo for myself and if its good enough I might mass produce it but I wanted it to have side effects so I had to get the measurements. And while I was putting into my blueprints I really got an understanding of them I never new. The reason one drop yoyos are so smooth on side effects is because the bearing is actually floating in a sense. Not major but enough to take any vibe outta the equation. Lemme explain what I’ve noticed. The bearing seat is not attached to the inner rod that connects to the bearing but just barely fits. This means that on a gyro scale it has the chance to wobble but if you go to the end of the side effect you will see a o-ring where most of the force is being put. This ring is not just for securing the side effect but rather it is the effect. When the yoyo hits the end if the string is when it loses most of it momentum and the ring is made of rubber. Take the weight of the yoyo vs the speed of the throw and the ring is actually like a pillow of sorts and disperses the force of the throw to allow more of the momentum to be saved and utilized. plus while its spinning and your whipping it around it cushions that same friction so it cuts down on the friction against the gyro. In short the side effects allow more time and stability of the overall gyro. now take into consideration the rings are at the end of the side effects and you will see that most of the force on the inner core of the yoyo is now on the outside and taken away from the middle. This puts more gyro on the outside as well and improves stability. From a creative side and physics side of myself I am just blown away by the genius of this invention.

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Oh I forgot to mention. a fun little expeiment. To prove the yoyo is acually spinning on the o-rings you can take out your side effects and try to put them in from the opposite side and you can actually wobble them in the hole next to the bearing seat proving they are not making full contact at that point so the only real solid contact is where the o rings are.

So I just ordered a Code 2 and I think my yo will come with the black spike side effects correct? Are the ones it comes with the same wieght as the colored side effects? If I want to change the wieght or the feel I just buy some different side effects correct?

Brass is heavier then aluminum but different colors dont mean anything. Different side effect like spike vs Dietz will also be different weight.

I personally think its a great innovation on a previous concept for Side effects. However there is going to be people that will stupidly disagree saying that Side effects do nothing.

It has personally helped me decide what type of weight I prefer for a throw, like the Code1, I prefer with the Ywet effects for stability.

I just sit here and wonder why anyone would hate on OD due to the SE system.


I haven’t met anyone that hated them. I mean really?

Yes, yes they are. Spikes and domes FTW!!

My only complaint is that you can’t change the rim weight. That is the major argument for the SE hate. I like that I can change the weight but if I dont like the size or shape of the yoyo I have to buy another $90+ yoyo or trade on the bst.

I Think SE’ are great. They allow customization as well as color.

The one thing that has been on my mind is that inner o-ring. Since the SE is seated on the yoyo with a rubber o-ring - I wonder whether this will degrade over time? I have an old Mountain bike from the 90-'s that I recently overhauled. When I opened up the front-shocks to see why there was no travel, I was greeted with a brown sludgy-goo at the bottom of the shock tubes. I learned that this was what happens to urethane after 20 years or so…

I know that all rubber degrades with time - is there a “shelf-life” for these SE’s?

Im sure there is but if your still playing these one drops in 20 years all I can say is … Wow. Anyway… The o rings are metric o rings found in most o ring kits in auto shops so replacing them if they get old or damaged is no big deal. Plus side effects are relatively cheap. Just buy new ones. ;D ;D ;D

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I had the same concern. Shawn and I had a discussion about this and an overwhelming majority of the degrading of rubber comes from exposure to the elements - UV, etc. - and stretching, neither of which is a concern with side effects. I own many, many side effects, and I’ve yet to see one begin to degrade. But even if an o-ring did degrade, we’re talking a very cheap fix.

SEs for the WIN!!! i only have two OD throws now … code 1 and 2 but i have like 5 different side effects.

My concern is much alleviated. :slight_smile:

I did get yellow Lego SE for my Blue Code2.
The reason for that was, just the thought of placing some random lego on my yoyo made me giggel xD

I need to drag my old Lego box(it is huge) out form the basement and see if i can find some sweet stuff to play around with xD