Side effect question.

I don’t know if this is the right section but oh well. I have a Summit, and ordered a second one. I was wondering if changing to a heavier side effect would affect the speed and spin times. If so, how so?

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It will, but not that significantly.
How? Physics, that’s like magic, but way less cool ;D

Depending on the side effects, the difference may be small to dramatic. The disc side effects are heavy, so they can make a big difference. My stock Code 2 plays a LOT different than my Code 2 that I put disc side effects in.

Generally speaking, spin times won’t be changed that much in either direction. That’s going to be based more on your throwing of the yoyo and the condition of the bearing anyways.

There was a subtle but noticeable difference going to domes or spikes from the stock ultra-lights. The throw was a bit more “determined” and although I have no way of measuring or saying for sure, I had the impression that it would spin just a touch longer. But again, who knows?

I did like the way it felt with the SLIGHTLY heavier SE’s, though. Not a world of difference, mind you, but just a touch of, “Oh, hey! Side Effects actually do what OD says they do!”

To my understanding, it should of spun longer with the ultra lights

I have a friend who says he’s considering going to grad school for physics because he really wants to be a wizard but can’t =P

Heavier yoyos “generally” spin longer.

But with a summit, you don’t need more spin time. Unless your busting out 1-2 min. Combos there is no need for more spin time…

And if you want to change Side Effects for the looks, go ahead.

Lighter, it will go faster.

Heavier it will move slower.

Summits with Spikes are nice.

It does not matter what side effects you have, if you don’t have a good throw it wont spin at all. -It spins as hard as you throw it-

Only if the weight shifted towards the rims. We didn’t move the weight distribution, we simply added weight. More mass will tend to spin longer.

Besides, it was just a feeling. No way I’m going to attempt timing any of that. :wink: It spins plenty with either.

You absolutely move the weight distribution when you change side effects. I mean… heavier side effects equals more center weight. Riiiiight?

I think that, technically, you’re not wrong.

The mass added is not distributed following the proportions in which the original mass was distributed, therefore the weight distribution has changed

Or not, I’m talking without any knowledge of that kind of sorcery :stuck_out_tongue:

I swapped my stock spike side effects in my Chik with ultra-lights and I didn’t like the change at all. Eventually switched back to spikes and it just feels so much better.

Performance wise they might not make much difference, but I was suprised at how much they can change the feel of a yoyo.

I’ve found I usually like the stock side effects best. It is fun to play around with side effects though.

The disc side effects in that Code 2 don’t feel quite like it’s adding center weight. The weight seems more pushed out to the outside plane, but not quite as far as the rims.

I love playing around with side effects and how the effect play. They are a ton of fun to play with. I just need to find some RSM’s and some stunt pegs!

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These are not the same thing. :wink: “Distribution” means the same weight placed in different zones. Putting in a heavier side effect adds weight. Relatively speaking, it’s more center-weighted, yes. But it’s a center-weighted 67g (for example; didn’t look up the spec) vs. a rim-weighted 65.5g.

You’re not taking anything away; you’re just adding. The overall higher mass should theoretically (and it “feels like” to me) contribute to more spin time.

In order to add weight without changing the way the weight of the yoyo is distributed you would need to add it to the whole surface of the yoyo. Adding more weight to the center makes the yoyo more center weighted.

That’s my whole point. :wink: But it’s more center-weighted AND heavier. Not just more center-weighted with the same weight. That’s all.

The “magic” of more rim weight is that there is more momentum due to more of the mass being to the outside where it is moving faster. When you ADD center weight, you are not taking away from any rim weight that was already there. The additional weight in the center won’t act as a brake, it’ll still contribute to the overall spin time. The same weight difference (1.5g) all the way out to the rims (in an imaginary world with rim-effects) would just make it all the MORE noticeable.

I agree that my Chik seems more stable with the heavier side effects, but I’m not sure whether this is actually the case or just all in my head. Certainly seems that way though…

The more center weight you add, the more the rim weight’s benefits diminish. Because it’s becoming less and less “rim weighted”. The change however is very insignificant.

It will start becoming less stable in a very insignificant way, yes. But the spin time will not decrease. The spin time would decrease compared to a yoyo of the exact same weight but with weight more concentrated in the middle. :wink:

I do not design yoyos, I’m currently a 3rd year engineering student. My apologies for any ignorance